It hurts to have been rejected and spat on by this woman

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Vicky Prasetyo’s love story is often the focus of public attention. This is because the household never goes smoothly. He often changed women and claimed to have been married 25 times.

Considered to be toying with the sacred vows of marriage, Vicky ended up being outspoken because it was easy to change her heart until she got the nickname of a big playboy. This was revealed when he filled the event at Dapur Bicara Online.

Apparently revealing the fact that Vicky harbored a grudge against a woman in her past. Vicky also shared that she once fell in love with a girl when in high school. But unfortunately, her love is not reciprocated and Vicky gets a less pleasant response.

He admitted to being hurt by the woman. Because, not only pushing, the woman also uttered words that hurt Vicky and spat in front of her. This is what triggered Vicky to become a playboy and toying with women’s hearts.

“Why did I become a playboy because I used to like people, the initial letter is S, that’s why I like grade 1 of high school, I remember very well. He didn’t like it, I refused, I just spat on the ground. , ”Said Vicky.

Even then, Kalina Oktarani’s ex-husband talked more about his struggle to get his idol. Vicky said, before this he had written several letters, but received no reply, Vicky actually replied with reluctance.

“Once I answered, ‘I’m crazy, I’m really lazy to date you, my gosh’, ‘said Vicky.

As a result of that unpleasant second, Vicky is injured and vows to play a game with all the women.

“I’ll play with you and all your group,” Vicky said, pointing to her words first.

Now, after divorcing Kalina Oktarani, Vicky is back to being a “love traveler” and looking for a new soul mate.

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