Is The Suspect Joseph Rodriguez Arrested?

Philadelphians have been on edge since Frank Decero’s death and disappearance.

Decero, 25, went missing on April 26 from his house. Decero double parked his Jeep near the junction of 13th and Biglor Streets before getting into another car and driving away, according to surveillance video acquired by FOX 29.

Family members later realized Decero’s Jeep was out of gas, but he was nowhere to be located.

On Wednesday afternoon, a group of juveniles flagged down Philadelphia police officers at 31st and Tasker streets. On Douglas Street, these kids claimed cops they saw a body in the brush.

Officers arrived on the scene and located an unresponsive male suffering severe body damage, subsequently identified as Decero. He was pronounced dead at the spot by the paramedics.

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Frank Decero’s Death Cause

Frank was shot three times, stabbed repeatedly, and set on fire. Decero was brutally murdered in an inhumane manner.

The victim had three gunshot wounds, a grazing wound, stabbing wounds, and burn marks, according to an autopsy performed on May 5, 2022.

Investigators looked into the possibility that Decero was targeted because of recent lottery winnings, according to research. Police Captain Jason Smith, on the other hand, could not totally rule out the notion. Investigators worked with lottery authorities and found no evidence of Decero winning, he told FOX 29.

Joseph Rodriguez was later arrested for the murder of Frank Decero.

Frank Decero Killer Update: Is The Suspect Joseph Rodriguez Arrested?

In connection with the killing of Frankie Decero of Philadelphia, Joseph Rodriguez has been detained.

According to accounts, Rodriguez hails from Northeast Philadelphia’s Jackson Street. The victim and the suspect have yet to be linked, according to the police. As a result, there has been no indication of a motive.

Frank Decero’s death has resulted in the arrest of police officers. The 25-year-old was discovered stabbed, shot, and burned more than a week after he went missing.

The police chief has now verified making an arrest after following multiple leads. Joseph Rodriguez, the suspect, is currently in their custody and will appear in court soon.

Is Joseph Rodriguez, the suspect, in custody?

Joseph Rodriguez, the suspect, has been apprehended and is currently in police custody.

However, the court has yet to reach a decision. Joseph Rodriguez is a leading suspect in Frankie Decero’s murder.

Murder, PIC, theft, conspiracy, tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, and abusing a body are among the charges leveled against Joseph Rodriguez.

The specific punishment for murder varies by state, however all jurisdictions impose a prison sentence (sometimes for several years). In general, first-degree murder punishments range from decades to life in prison (with or without the possibility of parole).

The court has yet to reach a decision. If Joseph is found guilty, he will face severe penalties, including the death penalty.

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