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Interstate e-commerce delivery in Lalamove Malaysia upon request

[This is a sponsored article with Lalamove.]

There comes a time in the life of an online business when it is ready to expand, with the intention of expanding to other countries or regions to attract more customers, and increase its presence in the market.

A catalyst for this opportunity is peak shopping seasons such as 11.11, 12.12 or Christmas, which are usually combined with attractive discounts for Malaysians to buy gifts for loved ones or themselves.

To bring corporate products to customers across the states more easily, Lalamove is willing to take on the burden with its affordable, on-demand long distance delivery service, even on a one-time basis.

Lalamove’s long-distance shipments can be used to meet last-mile deliveries to customers’ doorsteps, or to supplement a company’s supply chain by enhancing mid-distance deliveries.

did you know: Mid-mile deliveries consist of moving goods between two facilities, such as a warehouse that temporarily stores products received from a supplier or production center and a second facility that ships the order to the end customer.

The service is currently available for delivery from Klang Valley, Malacca, Penang or Johor, to anywhere within Peninsular Malaysia.

Flexible on order and scheduled delivery

Long distance deliveries can be a headache as they require advanced planning and are affected by the availability of carriers.

Not to mention that traditional services tend to tie businesses into a contract, which can be unsustainable for those intending to ship their products interstate on a one-time basis.

To reduce these pain points, Lalamov introduced a No contract, on-demand delivery A form that enables companies to submit a request for long distance delivery at any time via their application.

He. She Allows small and medium businesses to quickly match their crowdsourcing fleet 4×4 drivers of pickups, trucks and vans to transport loads ranging from 250 kg to 4000 kg.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, as delivery partners can earn more for each party when they drive longer distances while fulfilling the company’s logistical needs. At the same time, companies can forgo managing their own delivery fleets.

Interface for scheduling long-distance delivery on the Lalamove app

While on-demand deliveries are favorable for small and medium businesses that need to service urgent orders, there is also an option for that. Schedule long distance deliveries in advance Up to 30 days in advance.

The on-demand delivery model can enable companies to easily increase or decrease long-distance delivery volumes, giving them flexibility.

Affordability to stay lean

In terms of cost, Lalamove states that interstate delivery rates are affordable. get paid Fixed basic fare for each vehicle type, and Fees are added for each subsequent kilometer.

For example, if you were to order a 10-foot pickup truck to deliver a load of up to 1,000 kg, the base price for the first 10 km would cost RM60.

After that, any additional kilometers will be calculated according to the pre-set rates. You can also Choose up to 19 stations on the way to the final destination.

Lalamove fare summary for interstate delivery vehicles

Affordable one-time, cross-state delivery contributes to the agility of SMEs because they remain vulnerable, particularly when the business only needs to tap the service for seasonal shoppers.

Easy pickup and delivery

Another element worth highlighting is that you can Get Lalamove to receive your goods directly from your locationinstead of dropping off your goods at their designated logistics points.

Thus, if you are running your small business from home, you can set this as your pickup location and wait for the Lalamove car to arrive.

With coupon code LALONGHAUL, first-time users will enjoy 50% off deliveries, while existing customers will get 30% off 4×4 deliveries, vans, and vans (maximum RM100).

The Long Distance Delivery option can be found on the home screen of the Lalamove app which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. On-demand deliveries can also be made 24/7, subject to driver availability.

  • Learn more about long-term deliveries at Lalamove over here.
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Featured photo credit: Lalamove


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