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Inspired by Rocky Gerung, Rifqi Fahrezi’s Figure Hobby Orations with Myriad Achievements

Trenggalek News – Students are generally at the age of Rifqi Fahrezi, who are incessantly looking for identity. Uniquely, Rifqi builds an image of himself as an orator. Not in the context of participating in demonstrations, but leading to achievements.

Rifqi has been practicing oration since grade XI at SMA Negeri 2 Trenggalek, no doubt he is the first generation in the small organizational movement community at his school.

The student who has cayenne pepper now lives in Wonorejo Village, Gandusari District. From the beginning until the end of 2022, Rifqi has won several achievements in the field of oration.

The achievements he had brought started from the first place in an oration competition at his school, SMA Negeri 2 Trenggalek; Third place oration at Trenggalek Regency level; Third place in the speech from the Nahdlatul Ulama Student Association (IPNU); Third place in the oration at Slamet Riyadi University, Surakarta; and third place in the oration at the Surakarta ATK Polytechnic.

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Rifqi realized the oration was thick with demonstration activities. At his young age, he knew it was forbidden.

“Actually, taking to the streets (demo) is not allowed for students,” he said.

Therefore, Rifqi’s oration skills are limited to knowledge and experience. He had never been to a real protest.

From the start, Rifqi admired Rocky Gerung, a political practitioner, philosopher, and scholar. He admired him, for daring to speak out and aspiration in public.


However, reaching that stage is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. To be able to convey aspirations, one must have insight, to understand the social context that is happening.

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Rifqi tried to tread the trail. Oration and organization is part of a tool to expand knowledge. Organizations function as a forum, a place where they exchange ideas, how to position themselves, and so on.

While the oration is a contextual application of all thought constructions on a social phenomenon. Not infrequently, before making a narrative oration, it took a few days and a maximum of a week for Rifqi to understand the material.

“From the beginning I trained by only making bullet points, later spontaneously in the oration,” said the class XII student.

The young man who was born in 2005 admitted that participating in speeches and organizations was fun. One side of the oration can bring money coffers, on the other hand train yourself to be more confident.

The second side is part of Rifqi’s target, he deliberately pursues speeches so that he becomes brave. Be it brave in public speaking, so as not to be discouraged when dealing with other people.

“Often giving greetings, so when you talk it’s no longer broken,” said Rifqi.

The man, who celebrates every January 4th, has targeted that after he graduates from school, he wants to become a more critical youth. He also dreamed of continuing the organization to the student level, and participating in demonstrations representing the aspirations of the people.

“It’s fun to give speeches in front of the DPRD office, hearings with the council, that’s it,” he said.



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