Initially Refused, Turns Out This Is The Reason BTS Jimin Sings Our Blues OST With Ha Sung Woon!

One of the OST songs from the tvN drama, Our Blues entitled “With You” is sung by two friendly idols, namely Jimin BTS and Ha Sung Woon.

It turned out that Jimin BTS had refused and was not interested in singing the OST, but this one thing managed to make the global idol change his mind 180 degrees.

Poster drama Our Blues (Foto: tvN)

Through a fan chat service, Ha Sung Woon admitted that he would initially sing the song with a female soloist, Punch.

Friends with Jimin, OST production company Our Blues asked if he could contact Jimin to sing the OST, “He said he wasn’t too interested in singing the OST”, wrote Ha Sung Woon.

However, Jimin suddenly asked, “Is this a duet with you (Ha Sung Woon)??, If it’s a duet with you, I want to try it”, and Ha Sung Woon immediately showed Jimin’s chat to the production company.

Ha Sung Woon and Jimin BTS (Photo: The Chemistry, adelio)

“And that’s how we ended up working together, I’m very happy that this happened,” explained Ha Sung Woon to the feeling of being able to collaborate with his best friend.

You can listen to OST songs Our Blues from Jimin BTS and Ha Sung Woon, titled “With You” below! (

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