Info Characteristics & Prices of Corgi Dogs (Male & Female) – 2022 Price & Tariff List

There are many types of small dogs that are agile and smart. You can look at the type of Welsh Corgi Pembroke which is suitable to be used as a guard dog as well as to be invited to play every day. The price of the corgi dog itself is quite expensive. Corgis that are still saplings can be priced at millions of rupiah per head.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi (source:

Want to keep a herder, but small in size? Welsh corgi Pembroke is the right choice. This British dog does look like a herder, only midget posture. His legs were so short that his body almost touched the ground. At first glance the size of his ears seemed too big compared to his body so that his appearance seemed funny.

This dog is known since the 19th century in South Wales, England and was developed by Miss Thelma in 1925. A few years later, King George IV gave a pair of dogs to Queen Elizabeth II and since then the welsh corgi have become part of the British Empire.

Dogs from this working group are also shortcuts to herding livestock. In Australia, it is used for herding sheep because of its agile movements, as if to organize a line. His behavior is very cute and adorable so it is suitable for friends to play with.

Welsh corgis are obedient and alert. However, its function has now changed to an excellent guard dog, it will bark when it sees guests or strangers entering the house. His temperament is alert, especially at night.[1]

Characteristics of Corgi Dogs

The Welsh Pembroke Corgi is a short breed of dog from Pembrokeshire, a city in west Wales. Corgis have two coats of medium length, a coarser top coat and a softer undercoat. Generally, corgis have straight coats, but some have slightly wavy coats. Some of the Welsh Pembroke Korgi have longer, softer coats that are known as fluffies.

The coat of the Corgi dog breed comes in a variety of colors and patterns, ranging from dark, red, fox-like colors, to pale yellowish-brown. The tri-color pattern on a corgi’s coat consists of black, white, and red or brown, and is divided into two versions, a red tri-head and a black tri-head. The corgi has a fox-like head, medium-sized oval eyes, erect ears, and no tail.

By nature, corgis are born with short legs. In addition, corgis usually have short tails or none at all. The average height of a corgi dog is about 25-30 cm with an average weight of 11-14 kg (kilograms).

Corgis are known to be intelligent, quick to learn, and have a strong will. In addition, corgis also like to be sociable, fun, and full of affection. You can adopt this one dog to be a pet at home and accompany you with your family.

Dogs of small breeds reportedly have a longer life than large dogs. The same goes for corgis. This cute and adorable dog is said to live up to 12-15 years. However, you should be aware of several diseases that are prone to attack dogs of this breed, such as retinal atrophy, glaucoma, skeletal pain, and being overweight. To minimize the risk of these diseases, you should regularly vaccinate and also maintain the diet of your beloved Corgi dog.

Pet corgi dog (source:
Pet corgi dog (source:

Well, if you are interested in keeping a corgi dog, here we summarize the price of this cute dog in the Indonesian market.

Corgi Dog Price

Corgi Dog Breed & Age Price (Rp)
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Long Hair stambum male 6,000,000
Welsh Corgi Pembroke puppy (puppies) male dob 13 may 2022 sttambum 7,500,000
Pembroke Welsh Corgi sable color stambum DOB 6 August 2021 8,500,000
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Male Puppy 9,500,000
Welsh Corgi Pembroke female (female) 2 months old with a stamp 15,000,000

Corgi dog price information above is summarized from various sources. Please note that prices for corgis are subject to change at any time without prior notice. In addition, the price of corgi dogs that apply in each place may vary, depending on the offer from the seller.

[1] Budiana, NS. 2008. Small Purebred Dogs. Jakarta: Self-help spreader, page 31.

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