Infectious video of a teenage girl accused of cheating & admitting to taking illegal pills


It does need more dramas or films like Mat Kilau, at least that’s the spirit. No, it is affected by many bad things in the world, it is very sad to see our youth become like this.

ohmedia It’s actually sad to see a video circulating near TikTok right now showing a teenage girl staggering to belive her.

The video was shared by @nrathirah_m who claims the teen and another friend asked her sister to help send her home.

Her sister then asked @nrathirah_m to invite her sister before recording their situation.

My younger brother and I and my men were working near my sister’s fabric folding shop. In two people. Someone is not imaginary, that person called my sister and told her to take it from someone near the house and send it back to someone’s house. So my sister asked me to help her get it.

Okay, I took it from someone but the delivery was a bit late because I wanted to be satisfied working near the shop. I also went to pick it up from my sister’s shop, within 10 minutes to approach the person on the condition that I help fold the cloth near the shop.


make it a lesson for us to be more ambitious in children’s activities. #fyp

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People were fine and I took them near a house, there was a man who took them and lived like that. Reaching near the shop, boys become like this (lalok). Right now, we are so scared that we don’t know what to do, that my sister wants to put this child anywhere. – Share this.

TikTok users also claim that the teen hasn’t been home overnight. Most netizens asked why not just sent it to the police station. @nrathirah_m, however, made it clear that they didn’t do that because they felt sorry for the teens involved.

The forbidden pill in Kelantan is called epang

Hopefully this collaboration will be a lesson for all of us. If we see young people engaging in unhealthy activities or promiscuity, approach and guide them if you can. Fear is nothing so close to our own family.

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