Indodax trading competition held again, with prizes in billions of rupees

After seeing the enthusiasm and positive response last year, INDODAX as the largest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia, held an Indodax trading competition with prizes of billions of rupees.

The event now titled “INDODAX Trading Fest 2022: Trading Beyond the Limits” is Indodax’s fourth trade competition event held with much larger prizes having previously held for three consecutive years, in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Oscar Darmawan, CEO of Indodax, said that this business competition was held again as a major commitment of Indodax since its inception to continue to increase the interest and literacy of the Indonesian people towards embracing crypto investments.

“Based on data released by BAPPEBTI in February 2022, it shows that there are 12.4 million crypto investors in Indonesia.

Even on the international scene, Indonesia and Brazil are among the countries with the highest level of cryptocurrency ownership in the world at 41%. As a player in the industry, I see the potential of Indonesia to advance towards investing in cryptocurrency is very great,” explained Oscar.

Oscar also added that of course great potential must be balanced with a sufficient level of literacy. For this reason, the main purpose of this business competition is to increase public interest and literacy so that they are more aware of the existence of cryptocurrencies as an alternative investment.

In addition to the prizes, which are much larger than the previous version, Indodax Trading Fest 2022 is also powered by Trade engine New as the available features will be more complex.

At the Indodax Trading Fest 2022 event, there are three classes to follow, the Individual class, the Team class, and the Indodax Priority Special class.

Currently, Indodax is a company cipher exchange Which has the largest number of members in Indonesia, which has 5.4 million members and offers a lot of crypto assets that can be people’s choice for trading. In Trading Fest 2022, participants are free to choose any crypto asset to trade with the exception of crypto assets of the stablecoin type.

“The winner of the trading competition will not be determined from the final balance, but from the percentage of return on investment, meaning that it will be judged based on the percentage of profits earned.

Therefore, indirectly, the public can participate in this business competition with any capital, however small, for a total prize of billions of rupees. In addition, we also have a side event in the form of a competition for users who have just downloaded the Indodax app on Playstore & Appstore,”

As additional information, Indodax Trading Fest 2022 registration opened on July 18 and ends on August 1, 2022.

The trading contest will run for a month starting from 02 August to 02 September 2022. Information regarding registration can be checked at

About Endodex

INDODAX is a Fintech startup in the field of crypto and blockchain assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or more than 200 crypto assets from around the world with 24 hour price movements.

Although the price of crypto assets such as Bitcoin can reach hundreds of millions of rupiah per coin, it is possible to conduct transactions at INDODAX starting from 10 thousand rupiah, which makes many Indonesians interested in this trade and become a full-time job.

INDODAX is dedicated to members and prospective members transacting with crypto assets using Rs with the best, fastest, easiest and most secure system.

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