Image solution not showing up in WordPress posts, proven to work

How to fix images not appearing in WordPress posts. Only generic, blank, and featured images are shown, and we’ll discuss other images in this article. Although the solution is easy and some of them are quite trivial, if you don’t know it, it will make you dizzy.

I tried this myself, as I was looking for ways to fix images not showing up in WordPress posts, but couldn’t find the right solution to the problem at hand. In response, after accidentally finding a solution, the author will share it. Hope, of course, can help all friends in need.

Reasons why images can’t appear in WordPress posts

There are many things that can cause images not to appear in WordPress posts, including because they moved WordPress data, changed templates, and also because of a problematic plugin.

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On the basis of the different causes, the way to deal with the image not showing is of course also different, according to the type of reason.

Post-image solution not appearing after changing host

After the heating data is transferred from the old to the new, the data is transferred and the domain is forwarded to the new hosting server, it takes up to 2 x 24 hours to wait for the DNS resolution. After doing this workaround, sometimes WordPress images don’t want to appear, so they can’t load images at all.

To get around this, please, my friend can go directly to the managed WordPress wp-admin page.

Next, please go into the Settings menu, select Media, and then Configure.


Solution Only featured images appear in WordPress posts

The author was confused because only featured images appear in WordPress posts. As we know, featured images are images that appear near the title of the post, while images that are uploaded to add media exist according to the wishes and needs of the article.

The difference between writing articles and publishing

If it’s the news we’re writing, of course, it doesn’t really matter if the post shows only featured images. However, if we write an educational article, the post definitely requires some pictures to support the explanation of the steps in the article.

Some of my friends asked me, and they browsed different websites but didn’t find the right solution. Finally the author returned the editor to the classic editor, the image appeared but is blank.

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Another blank wordpress solution
Show blank WordPress post image

Do not open a blank image by right-clicking on a new tab, and when you open the image it turns out to be in the form of a gif and above it contains the logo of one of the plugins. From there, the author finally believes that this plugin is causing only one image to appear in the post, the featured image.

Finally, without further thought, the author immediately deactivated the plugin and when I opened it, it turned out that the various images uploaded in the post also appeared from hiding. I was so annoyed, I didn’t delete the plugin so could always write good educational articles.

Image solution does not appear after changing the template

In fact, the author has never tested himself, the image does not appear after changing the template. However, some bloggers claim to have experienced it. If you encounter that the image does not appear after changing the template, you should check immediately.

The trick, please, my friend, temporarily deactivate the template, if the image does not appear after not using the template, it means that this is due to other reasons. However, if the image appears after not using the template, this means that there is a problem with the new template you are using. It is recommended to contact the template provider to resolve it immediately.

Hence discussing the reasons and how to fix images not appearing in WordPress posts. If there are other problems, please ask through the comments column. It might be useful…

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