“I’m sorry, the doctor doesn’t have to sleep outside tonight. Haha.. ” – Netizen

Dr Izzar’s Teasing Words About His Wife, Ummi Nazeera’s Acting One Act Through The Drama ‘Risik Pada Hati’ Made Many Amused. Dr. Izzar can stand being funny too, Haha !!

Actress, Ummi Nazeera in her latest drama together with Zara Zya and Alif Satar titled ‘Risik Pada Hati’ turned out to have caught the public’s attention when it was shown since June 27 by showing the story of a wife willing to be mixed up in order to have offspring.

Many were impressed by Ummi’s acting who played the role of the first wife named Hayfa and at the same time they also praised Ummi’s acting which gave a great impact to the audience.

Check out the account Instagram Ummi’s husband, Dr Izzar has uploaded a video of Ummi’s acting. In the video, it shows Ummi making a ‘taj4m’ eye jingle. Dr Izzar writes to Ummi, this is how Ummi looks when she sees the dishes still unwashed or her child leaving food containers at school.

Dr Izzar’s caption has made netizens amused. In addition, through one posting else, Dr Izzar admitted that the drama starring Ummi had not been watched by him yet. Until now, Dr Izzar’s video to Ummi has received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments since it was uploaded to Instagram.

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In the comment section, the average returned to criticize Dr Izzar for daring to criticize his beloved wife like that. Among the comments are:

“I’m sorry, the Dr doesn’t have to sleep outside tonight, haha. Dr. how dare you say this, hehehe Ummi look at Dr. Izzar, he said you.. “

“Don’t let the doc’s wife see this post, haha ​​I am amused when I read what the doc wrote. But that drama is really the best.. “

“Ummi’s acting is the best, she really succeeded in touching our emotions as a wife. Hehe it’s really strong Dr.. “

“Doctor, it’s not a little bit, right, hahaha. It’s funny Dr, I’ve seen all the episodes yet Dr, it’s best that Dr’s wife acts.. “

” Kakakakaka his dialogue, ‘ I want to tell you the tape that I left in the pantry this morning hahaha.. “

“Don’t worry, Mr. Izzar, who’s left behind this tupperware, right, it’s good to admit it. My stomach hard to read, hopefully Mr. Izzar will be fine after writing this post.. “

“M4ut stares like this are also cute, it’s refreshing for wives if their husbands are good at persuading, it just melts, you know, haha.. “

Apparently Dr. Izzar is strong. But Ummi is the best. If you look at Ummi’s acting in the drama, it is true that Ummi really embodies her character. Anyway, may Ummi continue to be successful in the field of acting and always be happy with her beloved family.

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