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Chapter 2442

Darius was very nervous on the other end of the phone, and the tone of his speech was also to coax Galia: “Galia, it is not good to say Don’t be angry, did we agree that we should be on the same side? At this juncture, someone must have done it maliciously, neither of us should get angry, there is something we can solve together, okay?”

He knew Yes, Galia has always been a simple little girl, she has no scheming.

Galia said that she didn’t know anything about her parents that she didn’t know beforehand.

He has been with Galia for so many years, and he knows her very well.

“Galia, I didn’t call to question you, I just wanted to ask what happened to your parents 30 years ago? You told me, maybe I can help you solve it. Even if I can’t help you To solve it, we can also come up with ideas together, can’t we?” On

this side, hearing Darius comforting himself like this, Galia burst into tears.

“Ming Zhen, I’m so tired, really tired. I don’t even know that when I fell in love with you, my parents actually disagreed, but they never told me. The

reason why they didn’t tell me Me, the main reason is because I love you so much.

Secondly, they did see that you are of good quality and cultivation. You have a good family education, and you are not like the sons and daughters of other wealthy families, so they didn’t stop you.

In fact, my parents have always been worried that something will happen in the rich family. In the

end, this worry came true.

Ming Zhen, I think we need to calm down.

My parents did have a lot of things happened 30 years ago, and the experience was extremely rough. However, after 30 years of dust, they can still be dug up, which shows how carefully they must have prepared. ?

Isn’t the purpose to break us up?

I don’t want me to be in your Shu house, that’s the root of this matter.

They were so shameless that they turned out my parents’ old past and turned black and white. “

Galia was so aggrieved that her tears couldn’t stop flowing. At the end, her voice was so choked that she couldn’t speak, and Darius at the other end felt extremely uncomfortable.

He clenched his fists in both hands and said fiercely: ” Don’t let me find out about this, once I find out, I won’t be able to spare those people!

He had doubts in his heart, doubting his three older brothers, and this Yi Yun who had just returned from abroad. But

he had no evidence.

To be honest, Darius’s heart was full of mixed feelings.

He is not a cruel man, let He personally disposes of his three brothers, and he himself can’t guarantee that he can do it.

After all, this is not one person.

Three brothers.

Parents have four sons in total, and they lost three of them all at once, and let them How not to feel uncomfortable?

However, at this moment, Darius still wants to say such things to Galia.

Because he knows that in this matter, he must give Galia justice.

“Galia, can you come out for a moment, we The two of them discuss and discuss how to deal with this matter. Tell me about your parents’ past thirty years ago, okay? “Darius’s tone was almost pleading.

Galia nodded immediately: “Okay Mingzhen. “

Actually, from the bottom of my heart, Galia is still extremely dependent on Darius.

Over the years, Darius has complained about the filial piety of her parents and her love for her, she knows better than anyone.

“Then let’s meet at a cafe near your house?” Darius asked Galia’s meaning.

Galia nodded: “Okay.”

“Two hours, wait for me.”

“Well, good husband.” Until now, Galia still can’t help but act like a spoiled child to Darius.

Because she’s used to being coquettish.

Darius has always been accustomed to her.

After closing the line, she turned red when she saw her parents, uncle, aunt, and cousin Christopher.

Chapter 2443

She pouted and said apologetically: “I’m sorry parents, I’m sorry uncles and aunts, I’m sorry… ….”

“It’s okay child, Ming Zhen loves you very much. We all know that you don’t have to blame him. Our whole family, including Ming Zhen, must come up with a good countermeasure.” Uncle Yan Chongwu said. .

Even if Galia is simple and doesn’t care about world affairs, she is still in her thirties. At this time, she must take up the courage of the whole family. She looks at the whole family firmly: “I am still the daughter-in-law of the Shu family. , if I do nothing wrong, no one can drive me away unless I back down!

And about my parents, I have to tell everyone about my parents’ innocence.

I have to pull that out of my dad Mom, the people who happened 30 years ago, pull it out!

Some people just want to destroy the relationship between me and Ming Zhen!


can’t think about it!” Having said that, Galia looked at her parents again: “Dad, Mom, I know You have witnessed what happened to Suzi, what happened to Dalia, and what happened to Rong Rong now. You

are right, this is the world, and in most wealthy families, there will be such and such bad things. Sincerely

For example, Mr. Wang Ke, who has married four or five wives in his life, has a dozen or twenty children, some of whom died early. Who knows how cruel the struggle between them is

? Giants.

Since I have stepped in, it is useless to be afraid.

All I have to do is to face it bravely and remove all obstacles!”

At this moment, Galia’s eyes were extremely firm.

She wants to let her parents know that she is no longer a protected Britney.

She is thirty.

Now it’s time for her to protect her parents and protect this family.

Even if she has no clue in her heart, how far can she and Darius go?

However, her attitude must make her parents feel safe.

She will handle the next thing!

Be sure to take the bravest gesture and deal with it!

After speaking with her parents, Galia went out of the house. Two kilometers away from the house was the cafe that Darius said.

Galia was sitting alone in the cafe, and two internet celebrities immediately chased after her. They sat unscrupulously opposite Galia, took out their mobile phones and started filming her: “Miss Galia, is your mother a junior?”

Galia said calmly: “What qualifications do you have to interview me?”

Two internet celebrities: “…”

“Also! Whether my mother is a junior or not, this is the law, not you. This kind of small net red can make waves, if you insist on making waves, want to write a big article in my mother, in our family, then you can do it!

These things do not affect the food and drink of my parents, they I don’t want to be afraid of ghosts knocking on

the door. But you are different.

I remember you. The

Shu family remembers you.

Okay, I’ve finished speaking, and now I want to ask me something. The person who took my video can come over, but I can. I’ll give you half an hour.”

Galia’s actions were too calm.

Calm enough to make the two internet celebrities overwhelmed.

They suddenly felt that this was worthy of being the daughter-in-law of the Shu family, and she was able to stabilize her mind so much when encountering things.

The two small internet celebrities are people who have no background and want to be a fan. If they meet someone who is weak, they will cry when they see them, and they will run away. They can just shoot a few short videos and send them. I believe that the number of clicks will definitely be Can explode instantly.

But when they met such a calm and unhurried character like Galia, they were afraid.

The two small internet celebrities left in dismay.

There was a sudden clapping of hands at the entrance of the cafe, followed by a yin-yang strange voice: “As expected of my younger brother-in-law, she has the demeanor of a wealthy daughter-in-law.”

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