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Chapter 2440

“Child, your mother is not a junior, your mother is the victim, the school, classmates, and us The surrounding neighbors, the police station, and the hospital of the past all testified for us. My father and mother were both victims. In order to live a clean life, we have since moved to a metropolis like Nancheng.” Yan Weimin Looking at his daughter Galia.

Galia’s tears streamed down.

She has been a sweetie since she was a child.

Papa hurts, mama loves.

Even the uncle and aunt love her like her own daughter.

Although Christopher is a cousin, he is better than a real brother.

The relationship between her family and her uncle’s family is so good, which is what Galia has always been proud of.

Her parents, uncle, aunt, and brother protected her very well and never made her feel wronged.

So much so that Galia never knew that her parents also had such a bitter past.

She didn’t even know that her parents were once so poor.

“Mom and Dad, I’m sorry, I wrongly blamed you.” After apologizing, Galia immediately burst into laughter: “Mom and Dad, I didn’t even know that you were still childhood sweethearts, since childhood.”

Mom Luo Jin also showed Yan smiled: “You little thing, what do you know, you only know how to eat and drink, and you never know the feeling of sadness, you don’t even know that when you and Darius were in love, my father and I suffered a lot. We didn’t tell you about such torturous things, how could we tell you about the pickled things we had in the past.”

“I’m in love with Ming Zhen, have you suffered?” Galia looked at her parents in surprise.

She didn’t even know.

Her relationship with Ming Zhen has always been smooth.

He was neither a little humble like Qingrong, nor driven and calculated like Dalia, nor did he go through all kinds of hardships like Suziyang.

Her love is very smooth.

But she never thought that her love would make her parents suffer.

“Dad, Mom, isn’t it true that Darius’s people in their family once made trouble for you, thinking that we were not in the right household, and tried to break us up?” If this is the case, Galia will definitely not spare Darius.

She came from a commoner family, and her family’s conditions were at best a well-off.

But she would never do such a humble thing.

Absolutely not!

But I never thought about it, my mother shook her head helplessly: “None of them, their Shu family didn’t embarrass us at all, it was me and your father, and I was worried.”

Galia: “You…worried?”

Yan Weimin nodded: “Yes, child. We are your parents and we have experienced a lot more than you. When my parents were young, they encountered the schemes of a woman like Jiang Meiruo. She was born in a rich and powerful family. The woman.

Although your mother and I have not seen those dirty things in the rich and powerful family, we can deeply understand from Jiang Meiruo’s body.

After we got to know about Jiang Meiruo’s affairs, my mother and your uncle The reason why the aunt moved to Nancheng is to hide in the city.

For this reason, your mother and I both gave up our public jobs.

Otherwise, both my father and mother would be university professors now. Instead of

being in primary and secondary schools like this now Be a private teacher.

However, we never thought about the prosperity, we only thought that our daughter can grow up safely and be happy all her life, which is the best thing.

In this world, there are as many wealthy families as there are sad things in the wealthy families.

Your mother and I have seen this through long ago.

Our greatest wish in this life is that you can be a cheerful, lively, kind-hearted child.

You didn’t disappoint us at all.

However, when you told your parents that you and Ming Zhen were in love, in those days, your mother cried all day long. “

“Huh?” Galia looked at her mother apologetically.

She didn’t even notice these things.

She always thought that her parents supported her in falling in love with Darius

Chapter 2441

Never knew, my parents opposed her like this.

“Yes.” Dad sighed: “We have experienced it ourselves. Later, you and Suzi got to know each other and often come back to tell us about Suzi. You know why Mom and Dad love Suzi so much and are so kind to Suzi. Is it?

It’s because we understand Suzi’s situation too well.

He is a very strong child, a child who can’t be beaten no matter how hard you beat her.

But, that suffering.

Those years of torment, life in hiding in Tibet , Just let us think about it, it is very painful.

What’s more, after Suzi was retrieved by Arron, people were subjected to Walton’s calculations, which made us deeply appreciate the calculations in the depths of the giants. It’s never stopped.

It’s not your family, it’s her family.

It’s not the Zhang family, it’s the Li family. Mom and

Dad don’t want you to fall into such a wealthy family, they are afraid that you will be calculated, Galia, you are too simple, you have never been there since childhood. You have suffered, but you don’t have the ability of Suzi to be able to save yourself when you are deep in the mud. Remember that

you don’t have that ability, even if you do, parents shudder when they think of the hardships Suzi has endured

. I would rather you live a normal life, don’t want that kind of rich and noble life, and don’t want you to suffer a little bit of suffering.

So, when Mom and Dad found out that you were in love with Darius, we…hey… “

Galia was stunned when he heard it.

She looked at her uncle and aunt.

Looking at his cousin Christopher.

They all shook their heads.

It seems that uncle and aunt Christopher, they all know that parents worry about her and Darius falling in love.

“You never told me.” Galia looked at her parents like a child.

“This is our daughter’s first love, we… We look at you every day, either laughing shyly or jumping happily, how can we have the heart to stop your first love What?

You are so happy and so immersed.

What’s more, we can also feel that Ming Zhen is a reasonable and gentle child.

He has no pretense of being rich or wealthy.

When he took care of me and your mother, Just like taking care of one’s own parents, such a good child, we really can’t bear to stop him from falling in love with you, child.

Also, whether it is Ming Zhen’s parents or Ming Zhen’s grandfather, they have never I didn’t feel sorry for you.

In the end, your mother and I both felt that our vision and thinking were too one-sided.

After all, the dangers in those wealthy families are still a minority.

Just like the Shu family, they never had the concept of family status, and they never did. I didn’t feel sorry for my daughter, how relaxed and self-willed my daughter is at home, and how relaxed and self-willed she is in Shu’s house.

Gradually, we were relieved.


Yan Weimin sighed heavily Tone: “None of us would have thought that even with such a reasonable and rigorous Shu family, things would still come out.

Moreover, it was aimed at our daughter.”

Hearing this, Galia cried.

Unexpectedly, her parents broke their hearts for her behind her back.

She cried apologetically and said, “Mom and Dad, it’s my business that has troubled you. I’m sorry, I should really be more sensible. Sometimes, love is not the whole of life.”

At this moment, Galia’s cell phone rang.

She picked it up and saw that it was from Darius, and immediately connected: “Mingzhen?”

Darius asked anxiously on the other end of the phone, “Galia, what happened to your parents?”

Galia Yan bitterly smiled: “Ming Zhen, in fact, the root of everything is that we are not in the right household, don’t you think?”

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