“I’m sorry..” It turned out that this was an action taken by Slps Kak KM. It was investigated by SKMM for more than three hours

A contagious back-to-back action video involving four recent entrepreneurs, sensational entrepreneurs, How about KM said he had been summoned by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) last Wednesday.

quote mStar Online, Kak KM admitted that he testified for about three hours and gave good cooperation.

I will also be more careful to upload any share on social media.

“Many were dissatisfied with the video. I humbly apologize for the error that has occurred,” he said.

Picking report Astro EarthquakeKak KM admitted that he did it on purpose to attract netizens’ attention.

“First of all, thank God the reason is contagious. Everything I do will definitely attract the attention of netizens and I hope it goes viral.

“When it goes viral, it means my product is selling well because people will follow me and record what I make, what I eat and what I sell.

In fact, the viral things that I do are something positive for my business,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ms. KM admits that she is also an ordinary person who will definitely make mistakes but still puts her family first.

“Yeah, in this life we ​​won’t be busy doing bad things, right. In terms of family, I will always prioritize.

“My brothers and I are very close and we will do our best to make my mother happy, for example that day I bought a house and this time there will be another surprise for my mother,” he said.

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