“I’m Not Hiding La Sia*!” – Syamsul Yusof Reprimands Famous News Portals

Director and actor Syamsul Yusof seemed to be venting his anger at a well-known portal which gave a harsh editorial about him not attending the premiere of the film Mat Kilau which was held at The Starling Mall last night.

“Syamsul Yusof, where are you hiding? The satisfied msta reporters *couldn’t find it. -the title of the famous portal

“I’m not hiding La Sia*”

Through an upload on Instagram, Syamsul said the news portal was challenging his patience by claiming to be hiding from journalists.

“Wuihh language..burning lines look master? I AM NOT HIDDEN. Want me to come to mstar’s office to find out who this writer is to BURST in front of me? These things are not played in the media. Challenge me, I until I seek. One of the people you’re looking for, you poor journalist. “-Shamsul’s rage

via Instagram Syamsul Yusof

He added that Syamsul also questioned the parties involved who were trying to find trouble with him.


“Are you coming later? Indigo him. We are not looking for trouble with people, people are looking for trouble with us. When the time comes for us to respond, it is we who are said to be wrong. Tahler jang. I’m just waiting, mstar.

Good at writing articles, may not include the author’s name. Just write ‘by mstar’ only. Origin? Afraid? Cheh .. ” – Said Syamsul

via Instagram Syamsul Yusof

Syamsul’s name became the attention of many parties after his involvement as director of the film Mat Kilau was not seen at the premiere of the film in the capital, last night.

Quoted from the National Envoy’s report, Syamsul was said to have given an unhealthy reason that caused him to be unable to attend to make the big event a success.

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