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Famous actor couple Shaheizy Sam and his wife Syatilla Melvin had their third baby recently.

Syatilla gave birth to her third child on May 9, 2022 at a private medical center in the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

This time, the couple accepted the presence of a daughter, a baby girl.

The name chosen for this second baby girl is Salama Samheizy Binti Shaheizy Sam, a name that sounds good.

Through Ig story, recently, Syatilla Melvin opened a statement counter to all her fans to ask any questions.

From the Ask Me a Question segment, many were surprised by one of the answers from Syatilla Melvin.

The question asked by her fans was: “What does Tilla like about postpartum abstinence.”

The answer from Syatilla Melvin is that she is actually not abstinent after giving birth.

I like everyone, because I’m not really abstinent.“That’s the answer from the 31 -year -old actor.

Then, there was another question from another fan who said he met Syatilla at a shopping mall in Melaka. “Abstinence from Melaka, that day it looked like going to Lotus (Tesco).

Syatilla Melvin then replied: “Eh where are we crawling.”While placing the emoji of cynical laughter.

In addition, many more questions from netizens were asked to Syatilla Melvin. Among them is the question of the cost of childbirth in a private hospital.

“Syatilla, it’s expensive, it doesn’t cost to give birth at the hospital, if you go to the ward, how many days.”

The actor then did not answer directly but compared the cost of childbirth to the price of a motorcycle.

“The maternity price is like the price of buying a motorcycle.”

Salama is the third child of Shaheizy Sam and Syatilla Melvin, before this the couple had a son, Syeriv and a daughter named Sarima.

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