iFixit Will Sell Almost Every Steam Deck Spare

The latest news has come again from the Valve company and its newest console device, the Steam Deck. That’s right, after the huge success of its 2022 sales, Valve today confirmed that the company iFixit will be selling almost every Steam Deck spare part through its store. So, what will it be like? Let’s continue the discussion Gamedaim News following.

In February, Valve officially announced its partnership with E-Commerce company iFixit. They do this to provide spare parts Steam Deck for users who have problems with their device damage. Even IFixit itself had time to provide video tutorials for players who want to disassemble the console to install new components.

iFixit Showcases Parts Catalog For Steam Deck

In a report we obtained via the media site The Verge, iFixit revealed a large catalog of promised repair parts on its sales site. Thanks to the Steam Deck’s Repair-Friendly design, they can claim that almost every Steam Deck spare part can be purchased separately on the official website. This includes the LCD Screen, Analog Stick, Trigger Button, to the AMD Aerith chip that is the brain of the console

However, what’s interesting is that he also sells several components that are present as an Upgrade version of the previous series. For example, the Anti Glare (Anti-Glare) screen can only be obtained on the 512GB model. In addition, there is also a Huaying Fan which has a silent feature. Of course they did not forget the “Fix Kit,” in the form of equipment such as screwdrivers, LCD openers, tweezers, and others.

iFixit Also Sells Spare Parts From Consoles to VR Headsets

For those of you who are still unfamiliar, the iFixit sales site itself also provides many other hardware spare parts such as Ipod, Nintendo Switch, Joystick, VR Headset, Console, Drone, Smart Watch, and even Vacuum Cleaner. However, what PC users are most famous for is its quality Tool-Kit. Don’t worry, this store is already available in Indonesia, so don’t hesitate to look at the catalog in the existing online stores.

If you want to know more information about Steam Deck, you can visit the discussion page Gamedaim Hardware the following. What do you think, are you interested in tasting the PC Master Race experience in the palm of your hand?

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