If you are an Enneagram Type 3, you must try this nail color

As famous by the Enneagram Institute, sort 3s are defined by their drive for success and desire for confrontation, making bold colors the preferred search for this character type. The multi-chrome nail polishes (shades that change with movement) equivalent to inexperienced ladybug or chameleon gold are eye-catching and pair well with the sheer character of Sort 3 (per polish photo).

With 3s set for emphasis, pink nail polish can also be a basic and bold look that fits this Enneagram. In line with Psych2Go, pink nail artwork shows an individual’s vitality and conveys their desire to be the focus. This makes pink excellent for three as they try to counter everything they do and love to face off the set. You can probably keep this basic look by going for all-red paint, but it can certainly be moved up for the iconic Sort 3 character by including glitter or accent coloring.

https://www.thelist.com/949347/if-youre-an-enneagram-type-3-you-should-try-this-nail-color/ In case you are an Enneagram Sort 3 it is better to do this nail coloring

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