” If this is the style, it can be called ‘Rara’s Band’, awesome.. ” – Netizen

The video of Sharifah Shahirah’s children, Airell and Airra playing the guitar and Allisya singing has attracted a lot of attention. Wow, Allisya’s voice is really good. Everyone is so talented, they can make their own band!!

For those who follow the progress of the radio presenter, Sharifah Shahirah or more affectionately called Shiera, must know that Shiera often shares videos about her children’s talents on the account Instagram hers.

Shiera’s eldest daughter, Allisya Tahir is very talented in the field of singing like her father, the vocalist of Black D0g Bone, Jatt. While Shiera’s sons, Airell and Airra are very good at playing the guitar.

Recently, Shiera has uploaded a video showing her children jamming. Seen in the video, Allisya sang an English song while Airell and Airra played the guitar.

The sharing of the video by Shiera has attracted the attention of netizens. Many gave praise that Shira’s children have great talent. To date, the video has been watched over 40 thousand views since it was uploaded to Instagram.

Let’s watch the video below:

In the comment section, in addition to liking Shiera’s children’s performance, netizens also suggested that Shiela grow a baby band for his children. Among the interesting comments are:

” If this is the style, it can be called “Rara’s Band”, very awesome. Everyone has their own talent.. “

“Woww join this melet0p. These guys deserve to be a band. Confirm the drop of Kak Rara’s band, Kak Rara is the manager again.. “

“Lucky everyone has the same interests, hehe. Alisya’s voice is good, she really inherited her daddy’s talent.. “

“It’s the name of the children’s group. Manager mom, Kak Rara is great, hehe it’s fun to see you do a concert.. “

“My sister’s voice is good, luckily there are sisters who can play the guitar hehe, you can join in as well. Even her mother can sing too.. “

“Sempoi, go to Kak Rara’s house, to this studio. Everyone has their own part, it’s really possible to make this band.. “

“I remember the time when we were brothers and sisters jamming after the party, we didn’t know how to play balun at that time, it just sounded good, hehehe.. “

” Tallisya’s voice is good, I like to hear the way she sings, it’s really powerful. Tell the children to make a band, Kak Rara.. “

Wow, when everyone combines their talents, it really explodes. Anyway, hopefully all of Shiera’s children will continue to succeed in the field they are interested in and become children who make both parents proud.

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