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If one’s income is not enough, the husband must take care of these 7 things when asking his wife to work!

At this time it is recognized that many men who work as husbands have to do various jobs to earn a living in order to provide the best for their wives and children.

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Realizing how difficult it is to prepare a family for a comfortable life, husbands usually also expect their wives to work. Especially with today’s increasingly urgent life, it’s no wonder that many wives go out to work to lighten their husbands’ burdens.

Because of that, if in the past it was only the husband who worked hard looking for sustenance, but now the source of income is donated together for the sake of his beloved family.

Even so, there are 7 things that need to be considered for the sake of the husband so that the source of income from the wife’s sweat does not become a sin for the husband because the initial responsibility for making a living is on the husband!

This is also shared by a husband on his Facebook account and can be used as a guide for others.

When Asking Wife to Work, Husband Takes Care of 7 Things

If the person’s income is not enough to support his family and he wants his wife to help cover the shortage, then take care of these 7 things:

  1. Don’t keep telling your wife to pay for what we can’t afford.

Sit down and discuss, make a list of monthly commitments… be honest with income, how much we earn without extra income, how much we earn with extra income… then show how much is left after income deducted by commitments and monthly installments .

If it’s negative, it’s negative.. we want my wife to see our family’s financial projections if we are the only ones who pay for everything even though the wife has income.

  1. Ask your wife for permission and approval if you want her to help.

When we have a financial plan, we make a budget and the wife sees all the plans, God willing she will help, it’s just that we as husbands must ask for permission and approval from the wife to provide assistance.

He should be happy and willing to help, not push, not tell, ask nicely.

  1. Wife’s assistance should not be more than 50%.

If the wife wants to help, then don’t ask the wife to help more than 50%, meaning the wife has to spend more money than us.. our name uses the wife’s help, but we shift or shift our burden, our responsibility to the wife.

The wife’s help is only to add to what is not enough, not to take over or bear it all.

  1. Do not increase the commitment without the knowledge of the wife.

If you feel free with help, if you feel you have more money with help, then don’t carelessly add monthly commitments and installments without your wife knowing. be luxurious because we are nothing without the help of our wives and if the wife withdraws the help, then we will have no more money or feel free.

Maintain or terminate existing commitments.

  1. Take responsibility again when you can.

When our income as husbands have advantages, such as ot, bonuses, additional income, then take back what the wife pays … we pay using our income.

Do not let the wife continue to help when we are able to support ourselves.

  1. Be grateful when you are helped, don’t act.

Self-awareness is very important…if you can’t do it, do it the way you can’t…if you are helped, do it the way you are helped…you don’t have to behave, don’t have to cheat… don’t be heavy, don’t do things that can hurt your partner.

Spouse help us, we help him come back in any way we can such as reducing the burden of his housework…beneficial for each other…

  1. Appreciate the help given by the wife.If one's income is not enough, the husband must take care of these 7 things when asking his wife to work!

Appreciate your wife… sometimes take her out to eat, give her a surprise, collect money and take her for a walk… add love and affection to your wife as one of the ways we thank her for being willing to help us, give us money because we are less able and able to bear and pay all.

So, hopefully useful.

Source: Firdaus Shakirin

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