“If I put my name with my father, it looks like Mat Saleh. Haha..”-Ryan

Ryan Bakery’s video tells about the origin of the spelling of his father’s name, making many people entertained. Many remember that Ryan is a kid who knows from a bakery, haha!!

Ryan Bakery is making a name for itself in the local entertainment industry. A few days ago, Ryan appeared on the popular comedy show Sepahtu Reunion Live 2022. The excitement of the event with laughter made the audience excited with Ryan’s talent.

Recently, Ryan was invited to be a guest on Radio Sinar. Through interviews with several radio presenters, Ryan was asked about how to pronounce his father’s name which had become a conversation among netizens before.

Apparently many thought that Ryan’s father’s name was actually symbolic of Ryan opening a bakery. Ryan explained that the spelling of his father’s name was actually very popular by using the substitute letter ‘ry’ for ‘ri’.

Rahim even had time to ask Ryan if Ryan’s name was also spelled that way. Ryan explained that his name was correct and Rahim seemed excited to hear Ryan’s full name which he thought was very interesting to hear.

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In the comments column, the average likes and is entertained by sharing the video. Among the interesting comments are:

“For those names, open a jelly bakery directly. Mat1, I remember the name of the family shop where he made bread, hahaha..

Haha yes, I told Ryan there is a bakery ok. Stalk TT, he already posted a video of bread and cake, you know, I’m a food lover..”

“Hahhhh ba-ke-ry. I call it Ryan Bake-ry. Wait for ads or post psl roti2. Adoiii wrong lerr. Sorry.. “

“Sergeant Mat Salleh. Remember the Bengali bun is Ryan, haha. But it’s true that people have spelled names in special plays..”

“I was a little worried because there was a video of her showing a skirt in a bag, she said her full name. Then he chatted while sipping sweet water, haha..”

“The people who used to work in the registry office were mostly educated in English, so the old people used to spell and were not good at playing pronunciation. If you write it down and say it again… it sounds the same, so it’s like that…”

“I remember selling bread, but I scrolled and there was nowhere to post about bread, I was overwhelmed. Your luck Ryan in 2022..”

Ryan’s very friendly and funny behavior in the video also attracted the attention of netizens. To date, the share has received more than 8900 likes since it was uploaded to the account Instagram. Anyway, good luck Ryan.

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