“If I Have A Shoulder Pain, My Child Has Cancer”, Al Jufferi Disappointed By Failing To Present A Medal To A Child

National martial arts champion, Al Jufferi Jamari was disappointed not to be able to present a medal to the country as well as his son and wife after losing to Singaporean wrestlers in the Men’s Class F category which took place today.

The three -time world champion had to fight in pain after being plagued by an injury that has not fully recovered while fighting against his opponent.

He admitted that he had to put aside his pain after remembering his son who was suffering from cancer.

“I am strong because I am a child. If I have a shoulder pain, my child has cancer. He’s strong, he’s a boy.

“Je’s son is in my picture, je’s son. Because he’s sick. At the age of 2.3, he has cancer, ”he said when interviewed by Arena reporters.

Despite losing at the hands of the opponent, but the action highlighted by Al Jufferi Jamari is quite proud because he managed to close the eyes even though at one point he was left with a relatively large gap.

He also made sure that his opponent had to struggle when up against him even though he was fighting in pain.

The defeat prevented the Singapore wrestler from reaching the semi -finals.

Source: Syakirah Zulkifly

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