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“Tipfil if I say I am not impressed. Anyone who has experienced something similar will also understand the feeling.

“I am now unemployed (no work).”

Those were the words of singer and presenter Ariel Bellos when the seven-year CCTV show on Astro Ria finally ended last Ramadan.

According to Aril, 37, whose real name is Khair Azam Belous, is now more active through digital platforms like YouTube and the income-generating app TikTok.

After C0V! D.I9, the challenge has become very difficult. After seven years of developing CCTV, the program was finally terminated during the fasting month of today.

“The show was canceled because we know the current situation on TV. If we look at it now, the game has changed.

“Even if you are a celebrity and want to be in the industry for a long time, you have to do so through two platforms, digital and TV.

“Now we’re seeing social media influencers growing like mushrooms. It doesn’t matter where the platform is, there are definitely these people.

“So, as a celebrity like myself, I was touched and after the CCTV program ended, I didn’t have a job.

“If from now on we don’t start doing something digital, we’re going to lose. I mean, we don’t know what kind of games this industry will provide.

From active TikTok

“So, I started my activity on TikTok because if you look at Instagram, it’s a different game. The algorithm is different.

“Tiktok is more open and friendly with anyone. Whether it is a famous person or a regular person, if you try to approach the platform, the access will be more friendly.

“If you look at Instagram, it looks different, it is more concerned with corporate business etc. But the delivery and anything that comes out is the same,” he told Harrian Metro.

According to Ariel, the situation he faced had an impact on his life, including having anxiety attacks.

“Actually, everyone who suffers from this kind of situation will like it. Therefore, all I can do is survive with the available savings.

I had anxiety and thank God it didn’t last until now. It’s just that I can overcome this issue in a spiritual way.

The wife also works in selling insurance

“How to get closer to God Almighty and so on. I also met a psychologist. What gives me the motivation to keep going is my family.

“My wife, who is a flight attendant, said the airline industry was ‘jahan4m’ during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

“At the moment he is with the insurance company and I told him it was okay to continue. We support each other. No time to wait if we don’t do something we will drown.”

At the same time, Ariel shared that at the moment he and his friend, also host Elif Farhan, are actively developing their YouTube channel through Gila Geng.

Gila Geng is a platform for any celebrities who want to promote songs, dramas, etc.

You will not borrow money from people

Ariel added that while he does not have a stable source of income, there is no reason for him to seek sympathy from people, nor is he desperate to borrow money from his closest friends.

“Thank God, although I don’t have a job now, I haven’t despaired so much that I had to borrow money from people. I myself hope and pray that it stays that way.”

“When something like this happens, I look back and be grateful, at least I’m not the type to like to live in luxury.

“I don’t really want to use my credit card and my bank credit card is just for the car, other than for daily bills.

“I don’t buy luxury brand items. It’s not that I’ve never had that time. No problem, it’s enough to live with it as it is now,” I thought.

“I try to reduce unnecessary obligations as much as possible. I don’t want to borrow this.”

There is a desire to engage in academics

Ariel explained that although he lost his job, he didn’t give up getting up and doing something, especially as he had responsibilities as a husband and father.

“I’m trying to do something with Alif Farhan, former CCTV host, to create my own YouTube show.

In addition, there is also a desire to engage in academics. I am waiting for my graduation ceremony next October and I will be looking for opportunities in this field as well.

“Who knew I could share my 13 years of experience in the art industry through academic channels, right?

For a while, I tried to get up slowly. I will do everything now to survive.”

For more information, Ariel married his wife Puteri Irma Idlinda Megat Aminuddin on December 20, 2013.

As a result of the marriage, they had a son named Tun Adriel Mikael, 7.

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