I caught a woman from behind and told her not to scream in a horrific ground attack as police fired on surveillance cameras.

A woman is kidnapped from behind and told not to scream in a horrific jungle attack.

The victim was walking through Alkrington Woods in Middleton, Greater Manchester, when she saw a man near a duck pond.

Police release surveillance cameras after a woman is attacked in the forestCredit: GMP

The suspect then ambushed him, put his hand over his mouth and told him to remain silent.

The criminal also grabbed him by the waist, claiming he “had a knife.”

He managed to snatch his hand from his mouth and screamed, causing the man to flee.

Greater Manchester Police have launched an investigation into the horror, which occurred at around 6:45pm on Wednesday.

They have posted a CCTV photo of a man they wish to speak to, while urging anyone who recognizes them to contact him.

Officers also said the woman had recently moved to the area from Birmingham when she was attacked.

DeJoanne Williams, from Rochdale CID, said: “While the victim was walking through the woods, she saw a man standing by the duck pond, who she thought was the same man who approached her from behind. He covered his mouth with his hand and vice versa». her waist.

He told him not to scream because he had a knife in his hand, the victim bravely covered his mouth with his hand and screamed, causing the man to run away.

“It is understood that this attack caused our victim a great deal of suffering and understandable, and it is imperative that officers speak to this man as soon as possible.

“Investigations are ongoing and a review of CCTV footage in the surrounding area has revealed this man we need to speak to.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 citing incident 2810 on 3 August.


Police are waiting to speak to this man.Credit: GMP

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