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“I can’t wait..”-These are Ebit Lew’s calm words after leaving the court on the first day of trial- Lubuk Viral – Lubuk Viral

The well-known pastor, Ebit Lew or real name Ebit Irawan Ibrahim, 37, arrived at the Tenom District Court here, today, to attend the first day of the trial of the sexual harassment case related to him.

Ebit arrived at the court, at around 09.00 WIB using a black four-wheeled Toyota Land Cruiser, accompanied by several other vehicles.

He, wearing an all-black shirt and white hat, accompanied by a lawyer and a group of individuals, looked calm and smiled as he entered the court’s main door.

Meanwhile, Ebit, when met by reporters in the court yard, expressed his gratitude because the case had already started.

“I feel grateful, happy even though the test is difficult, I can’t wait because I’ve been waiting a year, if possible I wanted to finish it last year” – Ebit Lew

“Because I move everywhere, that’s what people see, people say I’m ugly everywhere, the picture is bad, I don’t know who. So I can’t wait.

“I’ve been calm, happy, smiling ever since,” he said when asked how he felt while he was at home on the pitch.

Previously, the preacher’s trial was postponed at 16.30 WIB and will be resumed on Wednesday at 09.30 WIB.

The trial which lasted for four days was handled by the Deputy Public Prosecutor, Nor Azizah Mohamad, Muhammad Ilmami Ahmad, Zahida Zakaria, Adibah Saiful Bahri, Nur Masrin Amalia while Ebit was represented by his attorney consisting of Ram Singh, Kamarudin Mohmad Chinki, Timothy Daut. , Kimberly Ye Wanchuin and Chen Wen Jye while the Judges are Nur Asyraf Zolhani.

Ebit faces 11 charges related to sexual harassment related to sending obscene images and words intended to humiliate the victim’s honor through the WhatsApp application according to Article 509 of the Criminal Code.


Independent preacher, Ustaz Firdaus Wong Wai Hung will today be a witness in the trial of a sexual harassment case involving famous preacher, Ustaz Ebit Lew in Tenom, Sabah

Firdaus Wong in his Facebook post just announced that he and motivational expert, Akhi Fairuz Al-Jengkawi will be witnesses for the public prosecutor and expect prayers from the public so that all court matters can run smoothly. .

“The trial of 11 charges of sexual harassment against Ebit Lew will begin today. The two of us, God willing, will be witnesses for the prosecution.

hanku, open my chest, and lighten all my affairs and remove the stiffness from my tongue, that they may understand my words,” he said while praying for his business today.

He added, hopefully the trial which will start today will provide justice and the ultimate truth.

Complainant about sexual harassment case considers Ebit Lew a ‘big man’ – Witness

Meanwhile, a witness for the prosecution of a sexual harassment case involving well-known preacher Ebit Lew, told the court that the complainant in the case initially refused to make a police report because he considered himself a ‘little man’ and the accused a ‘big man’.

Mohd Fairuz Abu, a motivational expert who became the prosecutor’s first witness, said that previously he had also received dozens of messages via the WhatsApp application from individuals who complained of being victims of sexual harassment, including those committed by the defendant.

“One of the people who contacted me was the ‘whistleblower’ (identity not disclosed by court order) at 11.04 am on 26 July 2021 … there were also other victims who complained of being a victim of Ebit Lew’s sexual harassment, but they did not give their names out of fear. and dare to come forward.

“Initially the ‘whistleblower’ (identity not disclosed) asked who the individual I was referring to in the ‘post’ (on Facebook).

“When I mentioned about Ebit Lew, the whistleblower continued to share screenshots of Ebit Lew’s conversation with him, also sending video images provided by Ebit Lew via WhatsApp,” he said.

He said this when answering questions from Deputy Public Prosecutor Zahida Zakaria before Judge Nur Asyraf Zolhani.

Fairuz also told the court he then advised the complainant to make a police report but the complainant was scared because he thought he was just a ‘little person’ and Ebit Lew a ‘big man’.

“I told the ‘whistleblower’ if this space and opportunity is not used to file a police report, then imagine how many more people will be sexually harassed by Ebit Lew,” he said.

The witness’s answer was later refuted by Ram Singh’s attorney who represented the defendant because he thought the answer “imagine how many more people Ebit Lew would harass” was an allegation that had no evidence.

“The answer cannot be recorded unless he has evidence of a police report,” he said.

However, Zahida countered Ram Singh’s objection by stating that what the witness said was a conversation between him and the complainant.

Fairuz added that a police report was finally made against the accused and he himself was also called to testify.

“I was also called as a witness so that my testimony was taken by the police and my OnePlus phone was also given to the police,” he said.

Ebit Lew, 37, or his full name Ebit Irawan Ibrahim Lew, faces 11 charges, including allegedly insulting a woman’s honor by sending obscene images and words to a victim’s phone number via the WhatsApp app between March and June last year.

He was charged under Section 509 of the Penal Code which carries a prison term of up to five years or a fine or both for each charge.

Source: Daily Rays

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