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Hyperbole – Definition, Characteristics, Equipped with Examples

hyperbole is a figure of speech that contains a statement that is exaggerating or exaggerating something. This figure of speech has also become one of the most common figures of speech and is often used. Both in making poetry, or used to make a sentence.

This figure of speech can be used in various conditions, even to talk with friends. We can use this figure of speech by inserting it into the sentence.

In addition, this majas is also considered as one of the most discussed majas in the learning materials. Mainly used to make a poem. This Majas itself has been studied from elementary school, middle school to high school.

Even this figure of speech is still discussed at the university level. For this reason, this article will describe in full about hyperbole figure of speech starting from its complete meaning, characteristics accompanied by examples in a regular sentence and also hyperbole figure of speech in the form of poetry.

Definition of Hyperbole

Before looking at the example, of course you must know the meaning of this figure of speech first. Hyperbole is a figure of speech in which there is an exaggerated statement. Or the statement is made by exaggerating the true meaning.

Similar to other figure of speech, the use or function of this figure of speech is that hyperbole is used to compose or compose a sentence, generally making a literary work so that the style of language becomes more beautiful and can be enjoyed.

Therefore, in making a literary work, it is very necessary to be able to understand well what figure of speech is, especially hyperbole, because this figure of speech is one of the most frequently used figures of speech in a literary work.

So there are many literary works that use this hyperbilical figure of speech, such as poetry or lyrics in a song that has a function to beautify and also make the literary work interesting for the readers or listeners.

When viewed in general, this figure of speech itself is usually always combined using mixed paragraphs. This is done so that the reader is able to understand well the contents in this figure of speech. And understand the meaning or purpose of the figure of speech.

Characteristics of Hyperbola Majas

  1. Using a style of language that exaggerates or exaggerates something so as to make the thing conveyed look bigger than it actually is.
  2. Using language style with very dramatic words to convey it.
  3. The style of language used in hyperbole tends to make no sense.
  4. The language style in this hyperbole figure of speech has a very strong influence. Especially to people who read or hear it.

Example of hyperbole

As explained above, hyperbole can easily be included in a sentence, here is an example:

After knowing the meaning and characteristics of hyperbole figure of speech, now let’s look at an example of this hyperbole figure of speech which has been summarized in the form of ordinary sentences and hyperbolic figure of speech contained in a poem.

Example of Hyperbole in a Sentence

As explained above, hyperbole can easily be included in a sentence, here is an example:

  1. His words were so heartbreaking that he almost went crazy.
  2. Knowing her husband had remarried made Rini’s feelings crumble.
  3. Although relaxed but being an article writer is a racking job.
  4. In order to achieve his dream of studying abroad, Ega is willing to drain his savings.
  5. The words conveyed by the father were able to burn the spirit of his children to keep moving forward to reach their goals.
  6. Ega is so handsome that every time he passes he can shake the hearts of all the girls in his village.
  7. Roni is desperately looking for his wife, but it turns out that his wife has run away with another man.
  8. Because he wanted to get to work early, Rian drove his motorbike as fast as lightning.
  9. Her voice is so beautiful that it can make the judges become hypnotized by her voice.
  10. The mother’s prayers are flowing for her children who are now in the land of the region.
  11. The fight that broke out between the brothers caused their blood to flow into rivers.
  12. Due to the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs. And the prices of basic necessities have skyrocketed.
  13. Don’t bother your sister, because your sister has a lot of work that must be done today.
  14. Instead of being beautiful, the model’s strict diet makes them as skinny as toothpicks.
  15. Study hard because one day, your achievements will be able to shake the world.

Example of hyperbole figurative poetry in a poem

In addition to providing examples of hyperbole in sentences, we also provide examples of figures of speech in poetry. The following is a poem that contains hyperbole figure of speech.


Every time I see you my heart feels like exploding


Drop all the sweat every time our eyes look at each other


Never run from my heart

Because if you are not there I will be destroyed

Because you…..

Is my pulse


What turns me on

You are my heart

That’s a complete explanation of hyperbole figure of speech, starting from its complete meaning to its characteristics, accompanied by examples of hyperbolic figure of speech used in both ordinary sentences and poetry.

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