HunterGirl Explains the Inspiration Behind “Red Bird” Single

American Idol Season 20 finalist and country singer HunterGirl released her song “Red Bird” on May 13, revealing the backstory for the song that inspired her to write it. The 23-year-old HunterGirl is originally from Gruetli-Laager, Tennessee. kiss her American Idol Experienced, she was a music therapist who worked with veterans to turn their war experiences into songs. HunterGirl’s Nashville audition so impressed judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan that they awarded her one of the three platinum tickets for this season. Since then, HunterGirl has sailed into the competition with her authentic country performances, including her original song, “Heartbreak Down,” which climbed into the music charts after singing it in the show’s top 20 episodes. With her superb vocals and amazing songwriting ability, HunterGirl has since managed to reach the top five in the American Idol competition.

HunterGirl released her song with her colleague American Idol Season 20 Top 7 contestants, Nicolina, Jay Copeland, Fritz Hager, Christian Guardino, Leah Marilyn, and Noah Thompson. The song “Red Bird” is about Hunter Girl praying for a visitation from a red bird to help restore her faith. The song was inspired by the belief that if someone sees a cardinal, the red bird is a loved one who pays a visit from heaven to take care of them. “Red Bird” was co-written by HunterGirl with Austin Goodloe and Matt McKinney, and it was produced by Jimmy Robbins.

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In an interview with Chaos musicHunterGirl revealed the backstory of the movie “Red Bird” and why she was the inspiration to write it. She shared that she cried while writing it because the message behind the song means a lot to her. HunterGirl said the red bird was too “big sign” In her life since she was a little girl. I explained, “There is a saying that says, ‘When a Cardinal appears around you, one of your family in heaven will come down to visit you.’ My mother also told me when I was younger that if you made a wish for a red bird, my wish would come true when it flies.”

HunterGirl went on to say so on the evening of the first episode of American IdolShe was driving to her family’s house and felt “aghast” About being on TV. revealed that she thinks, “What if people don’t like me? What if I’m not good enough? I was talking to God and said, ‘I know you know everything is going to be okay, but can you just tell me?’” “ HunterGirl shared it right after I asked this question, “A red bird flew through my window and flew more while I was driving down the road. It was as if he was saying everything would be fine.” She said that the next day to American Idol The episode aired, she returned to Nashville to write “Red Bird” with her boyfriends Austin and Matt. HunterGirl Share, “This is a song from my heart. I hope this song helped someone like her when I wrote it.”

American Idol HunterGirl, a season 20 finalist, has been the favorite to win the competition since she auditioned for her musical talent and artistry. She is a genuine person with a heart of gold. Her ability to write inspiring songs like “Red Bird” is impressive. The song is currently climbing to the top of the charts. Whether HunterGirl takes home or not American Idol The crown, you’ve already won.

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source: Chaos musicAnd HunterGirl/Youtube

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