Hungry Lamu Game APK Download for Android [Latest]

Playing a simple and educational game is always fun for kids, that’s why we are here with the new mobile game for all of you. Get Hungry Lamu Game on your Android device and start exploring all the amazing features of the game for unlimited fun.

As you know, learning from games and entertainment content is very common these days. So, if your kids spend more time using a mobile device, providing them with a productive app is one of the best ways to enjoy learning.

What is the game Hungry Lamu?

Hungry Lamu Game Apk is an Android game app, which provides the best adventure game. Here you will get the best set of features, through which anyone can have fun and learn on their Android device.

There are multiple types of games available for Android users, which provide different types of services to the users. Most of the games only provide fun to the users, which makes the gameplay addictive but does not provide any positive content.

So, here we are with this amazing 2D game For all of you, which offers some of the best feature sets. So, you can have a great time and have unlimited fun. If you want to get acquainted with the services, you just need to stay with us for a while and enjoy.


Here you will get multiple types of modes, where you can play different types of gameplay and have fun. Each of the available modes offers unique gameplay for players to have unlimited fun having a great time.


In the gameplay mode, you will get multiple episodes that offer different types of gameplay to the players. Here you have to help LAMU make multiple decisions. So, if you have to help them solve multiple problems and have fun.

Likewise, there are three different episodes available for players, which you have to complete and enjoy spending your free time. There are more additional modes available for users, which you can explore and enjoy.

a call

The contact section is very simple, as you will get an audio selection of the available characters. So, you can use these sounds as your ringtone and enjoy it. There are multiple types of sounds available for players, which anyone can easily access and enjoy.

a test

Want to enhance your general knowledge? If yes, then here you will get some of the best questions, which you can answer and explore more. Here you will get endless questions, which are simple but fun for anyone.

These are some of the services available, but there are many others. So, if you are ready to have unlimited fun and learning, then you should download the Apk on your Android device. There are many features available for you to explore.

We have more similar games available here, which you can also play and learn from. So, if you want to get more similar games, try Download Alien Isolation APK And the Blockman Go Adventures. Both are very popular available games, which you can also play and enjoy.

Application details

Noun Hungry Lamu game
size 20.16 pm
Issuance Version 0.5
Package name chalangerstudio.hungrlamugame
Developer the challenge
category game / adventure
price free
Minimum Support Required 5.1 and above

Screenshots of the app

How to download Hungry Lamu Android?

If you want to download Apk, you don’t need to search on the internet and waste your time anymore. Here you will get the fastest download of the latest Apk version, which you can access easily from this page.

So, find the download button at the top and bottom of this page. Once you find the download button, just click on it once and wait for a few seconds. The download process will start automatically after clicking.

Main Features

  • Free to download and play
  • Best adventure game
  • Multimedia game
  • educational quiz
  • Simple and easy to play
  • User-friendly interface
  • new gifs
  • Simple controls
  • many more
last words

If you are ready to have unlimited fun then download Hungry Lamu game on your device. Have a great time with this amazing game. There are more similar games available on our website, which you can also explore and enjoy.

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