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Hundreds of SMEs Showcase Products at the Tangsel Digifest 2022 – Hundreds of products from MSME players exhibited their products at the Tangsel Digifest 2022 event at the Teraskota Mall parking area, Serpong, Friday and Saturday (12-13/8/2022).

The event, which was initiated by the South Tangerang Cooperatives and SMEs Office, is also to commemorate the 2022 National Cooperative Day (Harkopnas).

Head of South Tangsel Cooperatives and SMEs Office Warman Sanudin. (Photo: journalism)

Head of South Tangsel Cooperatives and SMEs Office, Warman Syahnudin, said that there were 452 products that filled the 60 booths that his party provided at the two-day event.

“There are 452 MSME products that we display at Tangsel Digifest 2022. They occupy 60 of these booths and maybe until tomorrow, alternately,” he said.

Warman admitted that his party will continue to facilitate and encourage MSME actors. No exception for MSME products from disabilities.

“In several places we have facilitated how people with disabilities, who are deaf, we facilitate that this SME product is quite good, besides being marketed here, we also bring it to other events,” he said.

He revealed, Tangsel Digifest 2022 was held with the cooperation of various parties. He hopes that in the future the synergy between stakeholders will be maintained so that the South Tangerang economy can increase.

“That the synergy between the South Tangerang Cooperatives and SMEs Office and SMEs continues to optimize SME products,” he concluded.

PJ Governor of Banten Appreciates Tangsel Digifest 2022

Opening of Tangsel Digifest
PJ Governor of Banten Al Muktabar together with the Deputy Mayor of South Tangerang Pilar Saga accompanied by the Head of the Cooperatives and SMEs Service Warman Sanudin opened the Tangsel Digifest Fest (Photo: journalism)

In his remarks, the Acting Governor of Banten, Al Muktabar appreciated Tangsel Digifest 2022. According to him, the creative event that connects SMEs with consumers will certainly make the economy in South Tangerang vibrant.

“And in that network there is added economic value and that is our life,” said Al Muktabar, Friday.

In addition, Al Muktabar assesses that the economy in South Tangerang is growing tremendously because of the many economic bases.

“The Banten Provincial Government and the City Regency will continue to work together to facilitate all business agendas so that the economy continues to move. These moments are digital bases for us to connect without administrative boundaries. Because actually boundaries can be obstacles, but the digital world connects them, so obstacles become opportunities,” he said.

On the same occasion, the Deputy Mayor of South Tangerang, Pilar Saga Ichsan said that the Tangsel Digifest 2022 was one of the efforts of the South Tangerang City Government through the Cooperatives and SMEs Service in the context of national economic recovery.

“Before the COVID-19 pandemic, South Tangerang’s economic growth rate could reach an average of 7%. However, in 2020 our economic growth rate fell to minus 1%. But Alhamdulillah, currently the economic growth rate has reached 4%,” said Pilar.

He added that his party needed a joint commitment from all stakeholders to generate economic growth through an economic base in South Tangerang City. In the future, Pilar said, his party will hold a similar event by involving MSME actors with organizations in South Tangerang.

“So we continue to encourage this, hopefully with the support of the Banten Provincial Government and also support from the Ministry of course the economic recovery in South Tangerang can be as we expect,” he said. (Adv)


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