HP Produksi Elite Slice Modular PC

Still remember the Modular that was popularized by Motorola yesterday? Now it’s HP’s turn with its Modular Computer called Elite Slice. This small PC that allows you to add additional modules without having to disassemble the PC itself was released by HP at the IFA Berlin 2016 event.

Previously , HP has also released a PC with a unique design , namely the HP Pavilion Wave . With this modular capability , in the future HP Elite Slice buyers will not have to face difficulties in customizing and adding features . Because if it’s an ordinary PC, when we want to upgrade, we have to disassemble the casing and so on. With this HP Elite Slice, we only need to install an external module, of which there are currently only 3 different types of modules.

HP Elite Slice module

  1. Audio Modules. Speaker module from Band & Olufsen which features 360 degrees so that sound spreads in all directions.
  2. Optical Drive Module. CD and DVD modules for listening to music from DVD discs or installing games and supporting applications.
  3. VESA Plate . The module needed if we want to install the HP Elite Slice on the wall / wall of the workspace.

Although only 3 types of modules have been released by HP, this does not rule out the possibility that in the future HP will release other modules that will be in great demand by consumers.

In addition to the above modules , the HP Elite Slice can also use the top cover that functions as a touch control for phone calls , so you can answer phone calls while you are working . In addition , HP also plans to release a top cover that functions as a wireless smartphone charging medium .

HP Elite Slice Modular PC 1
HP Elite Slice Modular PC

HP Elite Slice specifications

HP Elite Slice is equipped with a 6th generation Intel Core Processor, you can choose to buy a Core i5 or Core i7 version.

In addition , the USB port used is USB Type C which also acts as a power input for this mini pc .

Maximum RAM support, you can upgrade the RAM on this personal computer device up to 32GB DDR4 SDRAM.

And last but not least, this HP Elite Slice Modular PC has Multi-monitor support via HDMI and digital DisplayPort™.

Harga HP Elite Slice Modular PC

From now on you can buy this luxury device through the official website at hp.com/go/slice with prices starting from 949.00 USD or the equivalent of Rp. 12,650,000’s .

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