Howard Hamlin dead, Did Howard really die in Better Call Saul Now?

A better call Saul might have just confirmed Howard Hamlin was going to die. Like other characters from the series, his fate hangs in the balance as the Breaking Bad storyline unfolds. Of course, this suggests that it’s possible that his story could end with his death before the series ends. This possibility becomes even more possible thanks to Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 6, “Axe and Grind.”

After being Better Call Saul’s main antagonist in season 1, Howard’s importance began to decline when Chuck became Jimmy’s main rival in seasons 2 and 3. This became even more apparent when after Chuck’s death he moved on to take on the role of Saul Goodman in “Breaking Bad.” Howard reprises his role in Season 6 of “Rain and Rain,” in which he uses a private investigator to uncover Jimmy while he and King conspire to destroy Howard’s career. This elevated character, along with a standout scene, suggests that Howard’s story is nearing a tragic end.

Although his role in Better Call Saul was diminished, Howard’s scene helped humanize the character after he played the antagonist in season 1. This was underscored when Better Call season 6 finally introduced Saul to his wife. This newfound reliability and humanity suggests the show’s producers want viewers to sympathize with Howard as the series draws to a close. It also suggests that Howard’s days may be numbered.

In a build-up where Howard’s death was subtly hinted at in Better Call Saul season 6, the new focus is on his character. In “Better Call Saul” Season 6 Episode 6, Howard is shown as a loving husband who is generous enough to keep his wife (quite estranged by comparison) drinking when she’s ready for the day A nice cup of coffee. Plus, he seems to be in a better position after going through the countless ordeals he’s been through on the show. All of this makes him so miserable that his desire to expose Jimmy may well turn into an obsession to conquer him. When the obsession ends with his death, these humanizing scenes will help make it a devastating outcome, and more impactful than what the audience would feel if he died while he was still an adversary.

It’s unclear what Howard will look like in Season 6 of “The Lawyer.” In the end, Nacho’s death pushed Season 6 into unpredictable territory. After all, Howard probably survived the events of the series. However, his storyline in this season of “Rain and Rain” seems to suggest that his desire to embarrass Jimmy will have major consequences, and none of that means a happy ending for Howard.

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