How to Withdraw Indodax To a Bank Account And Fund Balance Without Fees

How to Withdraw Indodax – One of the most popular platforms in Indonesia as a market for buying and selling Bitcoin and other digital assets with the largest list of members is Indodax.

The large number of digital asset trading transactions that take place on Indodax is currently playing over 100 billion Rupiah per day on average.

In Indodax, it is not only serving the process of buying and selling transactions in the form of digital assets, but Indodax is also currently able to serve direct Rupiah deposit and withdrawal transactions made by users.

The information that admin will share this time is about How to Withdraw Rupiah Balance at Indodax (Withdraw).

This little information is an illustration that you can make a withdrawal or withdraw Rupiah balance at Indodax directly to the bank account that you are using.

It is important for friends to know that Indodax serves withdrawals to various local banks spread across Indonesia, from BCA, BRI, BNI, CIMB, Mandiri and others.

However, the process of withdrawing Rupiah balance at Indodax will incur a fee for each user as an administration fee of only 1%.

So, for more detailed information, please read all the explanations below.

How to Withdraw Indodax Rupiah Balance To All Bank Accounts

  1. Buddy can visit the website
  2. Then select the buy / sell bitcoin install menu
  3. After that, my friend, select Store / withdraw rupiah
  1. Determine the minimum withdrawal nominal of Rp. 100,000 maximum Rp. 200,000,000 million
  2. Then a withdrawal handling fee of Rp. 25,000
  3. Previously, friends, please enter your account number when making a deposit (for example, a deposit via Mobile BCA)
  4. Then my friend will receive a message in the form of a pin, enter the pin
  5. Next, my friend, select it and click send
How to Withdraw Indodax
  1. Then continue, my friend, enter the Indodax dashboard
  2. After that, my friend, click history
  3. If you have, please check your e-mail immediately
How to Withdraw Indodax
  1. Open if there is an incoming email
  2. After that, my friend, click Email Indodax
How to Withdraw Indodax
  1. As confirmation of approval of the withdrawal request
  2. Then my friend clicks on the request acceptance link
  1. Here it means that you have confirmed the withdrawal request
  2. After that the Rupiah will go directly to the account at the latest 1 day
  1. After that, my friend, check the history again
  2. There usually you will get a written statement pending
  1. Usually less than 1 hour Rupiah will enter the account.
  2. Try checking the balance in your mobile account.
  1. There will be information that the Withdrawal process has been successfully sent by indodax.
  2. The process is declared complete

Notes‘ as long as the Indodax system or bank services do not experience errors or hours off work, meaning that the withdrawal process does not take a long time.

How to Withdraw Indodax Rupiah Balance (Withdraw) To Credit, DANA Balance, OVO and GoPay

If the admin has previously conveyed about how to withdraw Indodax through a bank account, then below is how to withdraw Rupiah from Indodax to Pulsa, DANA Balance, OVO and GoPay

1. Go to Indodax Site

First, you can enter the application version site, then select the icon at the top to start logging in.

2. Log in to your Indodax account

Then my friend logs in and logs into the Indodax account that you already had before.

Here you also have to verify the security in the form of an image by simply swiping puzzle as the process of completing the login and continue to click login.

3. Login Verification

Here you will not be able to login if you have not verified via the email that you previously used to register at Indodax.

This means that my friend must open the email first, then confirm the message that will be sent to the email as validation that it is my friend who is trying to log into the account.

4. Open Wallet

If you have successfully entered the Indodax account dashboard menu page, then please select the method that your wallet or wallet will use.

On this page, you will be able to see the amount of balance that you have in your account.

Then if you want to make a withdrawal, please select the withdraw menu in the first column in the image above.

5. Select Withdraw Rupiah

Next you will be directed to go directly to the page, where you can make a deposit or make a balance deposit, and later on you will also make a balance withdrawal from that page.

If you want to withdraw your Rupiah balance, then you just have to select it and click the button provided at the top.

6. Add withdrawal account

At this stage, you usually have to specify a withdrawal account, Rupiah nominal, SMS verification, Adm discounts and the net amount of Rupiah that you will receive.

If you are a person who is making a withdrawal for the first time at Indodax, then you will see several pages that appear like Labels.

So if you want to exchange your balance with credit, then you can follow all the guidelines on the method column page by selecting Credit withdrawal.

Before you make a withdrawal with this method, usually you will be asked to enter your cellphone number and verification code that you will receive to withdraw your balance in the form of credit.

If all the fields that appear have been successfully filled in, for example, such as an SMS PIN, then click SEND.

7. Confirmation of withdrawal via email

In this section, you will be asked to confirm the method of withdrawing your balance into credit on the email account that you previously used to register for your Indodax account.

This means that if you have determined the method and confirmed the withdrawal process, then you immediately select the confirmation link as shown in the image above.

Here you can also easily follow the guide how to cancel indodax withdrawal via the link in the email above.

How much is the withdrawal administration fee at Indodax?

The amount of fees that will be charged to users for the process of withdrawing Rupiah at Indodax is 1 percent which will be directly deducted from the total value of Rupiah to be withdrawn.

So the administrative fee for the withdrawal process that will be charged is a minimum of IDR 25 thousand.

The minimum withdrawal that has been set at Indodax is RP. 100,000, so no matter how much you withdraw, the administration fee will remain 25 thousand for one withdrawal.

For example, if you want to do withdraw of Rp. 1 million, then the administraasi fee of 1% + IDR 10,000 means that the Rupiah that you will receive is 975 thousand.

Actually there are still many ways to withdraw that you can do, but next admin will describe tips and tricks How to Withdraw Indodax to Tokocrypto

The final word

Some tutorials on tips and how to withdraw Rupiah balance (withdraw) on Indodax above are the easiest steps and stages that the admin has provided.

So if you want to withdraw the Rupiah balance on Indodax to your bank account, credit, balance funds, Gopay and OVO, then you can follow the steps above.

May be useful.

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