How to View ML Mobile Legends Account Server id

How to View ML Mobile Legends Account Server id – This MOBA game is indeed very popular among teenagers all over the world, including Indonesia, even this game made by Moonton is one of the games that entered the 2019 Sea Games, wow, very cool isn’t it?

The Mobile Legends game, which always provides interesting events every season, always conveys good news, where in recent days the game made by Moonton has been entrusted with participating in competitions between countries at the Asian Games.

Like games in general in Mobile Legends, players are also required to create a nickname or IGN first, the goal is that the player has an identity that is easily recognized by friends and others.

User iD dan Nickname Mobile Legends

However, in the Mobile Legends game, one nickname can be used by other players, so these ML players can make nicknames as they please.

And you need to know that in Mobile Legends, you must have user iD unique and different from other nicknames. So, to find your friends, you need a user ID, because with that ID number the search will be more specific.

Not only that, the function of the user ID, where with your user id can also be used to top up diamond mobile legends via third-party online sites including Unipin, Codashop and others.

Because most of the top up transactions require us to enter complete data, one of which is the User ID and ML server number. Well, the question is how to find out the server ID on the mobile legends account? Check out the explanation below.

How to find out Mobile Legends iD Server

There are several steps you have to do so that your user id and mobile legends account server number can be seen, for that, please refer to the following explanation:

  1. Open the Mobile Legends game on android
  2. Tap the avatar in the top left corner to see your ML profile
  3. Then you will be taken to the mobile legends account profile page
  4. There you will see the name, history, status, user ID and server ID account How to see ml server id
  5. Done.

Where my friend is very easy is not the way to see the iD Ml server on android? Yups, by knowing this data, we can top up diamonds, so memorize your IDs.

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The final word

That’s information about how to find out the user id and server id of Mobile Legends, hopefully with this info it can provide many benefits for all of you. That’s all from us and thank you.

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