How to Use 2 Filters at Once on TikTok Android or iPhone

This is How to Use 2 Filters at Once on TikTok Android or iOS iPhone. Nambanation friends, often we’ve seen someone’s Vt content using 2 live filters.

Well, surely you are curious about how to use 2 TikTok filters at the same time.

Short video-based social networking application or better known as TikTok, has become one of the largest media used by almost all people in the world.

The population in global is no exception, which is also the majority of TikTok users.

While TikTok application itself is a place of entertainment for some people.

There are many interesting videos uploaded by other users that we can see and enjoy.

Apart from watching, we can also be creative and make videos for millions of TikTok users to watch.

Tiktok Filter Effect – TikTok is the choice of many people because of its attractive camera effects and filters.

Not to mention that the filter effects that can be used are also diverse and continue to be updated.

So many users are exploring with the filters provided to be able to produce interesting video content.

Creating video content on TikTok is fun, especially when you add filters.

Usually we immediately choose one filter to use, but did you know that we can actually use 2 camera filters at once?

Well, for those who don’t know how, let’s follow the complete tutorial carefully.

How To Use 2 Filters In Tiktok – First of all, you open your Tiktok application, after that create video content as usual by tapping the plus icon at the bottom.

Then set the duration of the video that you will make, then tap the effect to add the first filter effect.

Choose a filter as you like, next if you have started recording, stop recording at the second you want and tap the filter effect menu again.

Select the second filter effect, and wait for the video to finish creating. Tap the Next menu to go to the next menu.

In the Post menu, you set the title, hashtag and other settings.

There will also be listed how many filters you use. The results after posting will also show the filters you use, just tap view links.

How, easy is not it? You can use the above method not only to use 2 filters in one video.

You can enter multiple filters at once, but don’t forget to set the duration so that the filter effects you use look even.

That is our guide on How to Use 2 Filters at Once on TikTok Android or iPhone, if you have any questions just let us know in the comment section. Good luck!

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