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How to Unregister XL Card Forgotten or Lost Number – If you are an XL provider user, and you are looking for a way to unregister an XL card that you forgot the number, then you don’t need to worry or panic.

Because on this occasion we will provide complete information so that you can immediately unregister your old XL card that has forgotten the number.

Indeed, such incidents rarely occur. But there are some people who experience this.

We are here to offer a solution for those of you who are experiencing this. For example, the card you are using has passed its grace period.

Then the number will automatically not be used. So, if this has happened, you can do the following:

How to Unregister XL Card Forgotten Number, Latest 2022

You need to know that there are several ways you can do about how to unregister an XL card that has forgotten this number.

How to do it is not too difficult to do. So you don’t have to worry about something like this.

Of course, you are very impatient, don’t want to know how to unregister an XL card that has forgotten this number, for that, just take a look at the review below.

How to Unregister XL Card Forgotten or Lost Number

For this first method, if you forget your cellphone number or lose it, because if you still have the number, you can use another method.

But if you don’t remember it at all, and your closest people don’t even know the number, then you just follow the method below.

  • The first step you have to do is open the phone device on the cellphone.
  • After that you enter the following dial number 1234444#
  • After you enter the numbers, you can click the call button.
  • Then you wait for a moment until the menu appears.
  • After that you enter your personal data in the form of NIK KTP and also KK.
  • Next you can follow the instructions from the application until it is finished.
  • When you are successful, you will receive an SMS.

You can do this when you just passed the grace period. So if the number has been inactive for a long time, then you can do another way.

How to Unregister XL Number via SMS

Now this next way you can do it just by sending a message. But with a note you still remember the phone number.

You can follow the steps that we have prepared below, follow it correctly and don’t get it wrong.

  • Your first step is to open the message.
  • Then you can type a message with this format: UNREG#HPNumber#.
  • For example like this: UNREG#087864143770#
  • Then you can send it to number 4444
  • If you succeed in doing it, then you will get an SMS in the form of a notification if it is successful.

If the above process is wrong, then you can repeat it until it works. In addition, you also have to make sure that the number you want to unregister is correct.

Interesting Things from XL Provider Providers

How to Unregister an XL Card Forgot the Number or Lost it

After we discussed about how to unregister above, then you should also know interesting facts about this XL.

We all know that XL is one of the largest providers in our country, namely Indonesia.

There are also quite a lot of users, because XL offers various advantages that other providers do not offer.

In addition, XL has also been available throughout our country, so that anyone can use XL to carry out various activities.

That’s the discussion of Rs. this, hopefully this can be an answer yes for all of you who are confused about this.

Oh yes, you can also see our other reviews, we also discuss a lot about applications, games, technology and many others.

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