How to Unregister a Lost or Dead XL 4G Card Via Sms 2022

How to Unregister XL Card – In the previous article I have discussed how to Re-register the Axis Card for new and old users. PT XL Axiata Tbk, previously known as PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk, which is abbreviated as XL, is a cellular telecommunications operator in Indonesia.

XL started its commercial operations in 1996, and was the first private company to provide cellular telephone services in Indonesia. XL has two products GSMnamely XL prepaid and XL postpaid. In addition, XL provides corporate services such as: Internet service provider (ISP) and VoIP.

On this occasion, I will explain how to Un-register on a registered xl card which means you can cancel the registration of a registered prepaid xl card.

Based on regulation Minister of Communication and Information No. 21 of 2017 regarding the Second Amendment to the Rules Menkominfo No. 12 Year 2016 about Customer Registration telecommunications services.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology requires users of prepaid cellular cards to register their cards by using ID number (NIK) and Family Card Number (KK) is valid.

Here are some ways to unregister an XL card

The purpose of prepaid card registration is to protect consumers regarding the misuse of cellphone numbers by irresponsible parties, for example fraud attempts. it is allowed to use one NIK (Population Identification Number) and KK number (Family Card) for three SIM card sata

Therefore, for customers who have registered three prepaid cards and if they want to add or change a new number, the customer must do the following: UNREG first on one of the prepaid cards that have been registered.

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To unregister an xl card, you just need to prepare an xl card that has been registered and will be unregistered. There is a very simple way … try to understand the explanation below on how to unreg xl card.


Before you do Unreg on a registered xl card, you can check the status of your xl card which contains your xl card number and NIK, as follows:

  • Type *123*4444# on the USSD or Dial feature of your smartphone.
  • After that, a pop-up will appear containing the xl card number and the NIK number that you registered during the previous registration.
Catatan : Unregistrasi Via Dial *123*4444# sudah tidak berlaku lagi dan hanya dapat mengecek status kartu prabayar (No.XL dan NIK) 

And now it’s time for you to unregister your xl prepaid card, here are the steps:

  • Open Messaging (messaging) on ​​your smartphone.
  • Then, Type UNREG#XL Card Number# and Send to 4444 (Example: UNREG#08228279****#).
  • After that you will get a reply SMS containing a successful UNREG, if Unreg fails, try to repeat it and be careful until the Unreg process is successful.

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That’s how to unregister on an xl card, an important message that we can take with the regulations from Minister of Communication and Information This means that crime can come from anywhere, including from prepaid cards, so be careful when using your cellphone number and don’t misuse it.

Hopefully this information can be useful for all of us… greetings See you later..!!

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