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How to turn on a Xiaomi cellphone that is completely dead

How to Turn on a Totally Dead Xiaomi HP – When an Android cellphone suddenly turns off completely, surely every user will feel panicked. Actually, you don’t need to panic too much, because there is a way to turn on a Xiaomi cellphone that is completely dead. The problem of a Xiaomi cellphone suddenly dying doesn’t just happen because it’s running out of battery.

HP can also suddenly bootloop when used to play games or the internet. Therefore, it is very important to find out the cause first. Because, different diseases of course different medicine, right?

Causes of Xiaomi HP Totally Dead

By knowing the cause, you can decide which way to turn on a completely dead Xiaomi cellphone. In the world of electronics, total death on HP is also known as brick.

brick it also has two types, namely soft brick and hard brick. soft brick ie when the device shows signs of life, but appears dead. Another thing with hard bricknamely the state when the HP is completely dead and shows no sign of being able to be turned on.

Well soft brick nor hard brickboth can occur on any type of cellphone including the Xiaomi brand. So, what can be the cause of HP’s death? Check out the list below:

1. Age of HP is Old

The components contained in HP have a resistance limit so they cannot always work properly. In the long term, these HP components can be damaged or even completely dead.

2. HP Overheated

HP experienced getting too hot or being in a high temperature can be the cause of the HP completely dead. Usually, this condition is characterized by body HP that becomes hot when used.

If HP is left in a state getting too hotit will cause damage to the components in it, so the risk of HP is totally dead.

3. System Bug Occurred

System bugs or system errors may interfere with HP’s performance. This can happen because you rarely update the system or do renew regularly.

4. HP Battery Runs Out

Often letting the HP battery run out until the HP turns off by itself can trigger damage to the cellphone. This condition is very dangerous if it continues to be ignored.

How to turn on a Xiaomi cellphone that is completely dead

From the description above, you can predict the cause of the dead HP, right? If you already know the cause, then now it’s your turn to learn how to turn on a completely dead Xiaomi cellphone. Here are some ways you can try:

1. Charging HP

When the HP runs out of power, it will not be able to turn on. Please try first to charge your Xiaomi cellphone. If the cellphone responds, you just need to wait until the battery is full, then turn on the cellphone by pressing power for 5-10 seconds.

Usually, if the battery power is drained, then the process boot can take quite a while. Be patient not to tamper with it first. However, if the HP does not respond, it means that there is another reason.

2. Perform a Factory Reset in Recovery Mode

The condition of a completely dead HP is not only unable to turn on, but can also experience bootloop. The phone will stop at the boot section that displays the OS or Vendor logo, then turns off again. This condition is usually caused by a faulty system.

To fix this, you can do a Factory Reset in Recovery Mode. Here’s how to do factory reset or commonly known as recovery mode:

  1. Please press knob power and volume down simultaneously.
  2. Hold for a few seconds to enter recovery mode.
  3. Next, select Clear Data and click options Erase All Data.
  4. Choose Yes or Confirm and wait for the process to finish.

3. Replace with Original Charger

Wrong use charger can also cause HP to die completely, for example using charger damaged, unsuitable, or non-original. One of the signs is that the battery charge remains 0% when charged for hours.

If that happens, you should replace it with charger the original or the original. Although the price is slightly more expensive than charger normal, but the service life is much longer. That means, you also save costs.

4. Doing Fastboot

How to turn on a completely dead Xiaomi cellphone, you can do a Fastboot. Here are the steps to do Fastboot:

  1. Download firmware official Xiaomi (adjust to the type of HP and MiFlash flashing MiUI).
  2. Furthermore, extract filesand place in folder.
  3. Please install MiFlash on your computer, then click Carry on.
  4. If a security warning appears, click Keep installing this driver software.
  5. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  6. After that, open the MiFlash application and click Explore to select the extracted firmware.
  7. Open the Browse menu, then change to Up and select Fastboot script from folder which has been extracted.
  8. Connect the HP to the PC using a USB cable.
  9. Press knob power then volume simultaneously.
  10. Later a notification will appear that the device is connected to the PC, release all buttons, then click Refresh and click Flash.
  11. Wait for the process blink finished until a notification appears Finish Successfully.
  12. Please unplug the USB cable and try to turn on the cellphone.
  13. HP will turn on if the process is successful.

It turns out that’s how to turn on a completely dead Xiaomi cellphone and some of the causes. It is wise to use HP regularly to perform maintenance and cleaning of garbage so that its performance is not heavy.


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