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How to Translate a Document Using Google Drive – Actual Info

How to Translate Documents Using Google Drive – Google has a very popular free language translation service called It’s very easy to use. Just copy the sentence you want to translate and paste it into one of the blank boxes. Just click on translator to translate to any language you want. But what if you want to translate, say, a few sentences in a document? Of course, it is very difficult to copy documents paragraph by paragraph.

Did you know that Google Drive also has a sentence translator that you can use to translate the text in your document?

How to Translate Documents Using Google Drive

How to Translate Documents Using Google Drive

Provide the documents to be transferred. This article uses a file containing two paragraphs in Indonesian and translated into English.

Here’s How To Easily Translate Google Docs

After doing step 2, a new tab will appear in the search for the “Tutorial translate.docx” file which was opened using the Google Docs application. Click the Tools tab > Convert Document.

Then a new window will appear with an offer to name the file with a new name and the language to be translated. In this article, I decided to translate it into English. Once selected, click the Convert button.

Pressing the Translate button will bring up a new sheet with the translated document. To download, click the File tab > Download As. Then select the document format you want.

After these four steps, we can translate the content of the document. However, there are some additional caveats. The transfer form cannot be used correctly. This is due to the many shortcomings of machine translators who are not able to interpret sentences in several languages ​​100% correctly according to the rules. In English, there are times when you make mistakes in the use of tenses, so we recommend that you search and check the language structure of Google Drive / Google Translate translations. When the internet became popular in Indonesia, the available translation software was very limited, so printed dictionaries became the main source for finding the meaning of words. Use it as an expensive tool only available to translators.

How to Translate a Document in Google Translate

If you are currently translating a document, such as a master’s student writing a thesis, but have many references only in English, we recommend using a translation service.

With the advent of Google Translate, things have gotten a little better because users can simply type in a word or sentence and find out what it means. Google Chrome usually provides translation every time you open a web page in a foreign language, so you can also translate web pages with one click.

As Google continues to develop, new features will gradually appear that will allow users to transfer documents using Google Drive. Reference files in PDF or other formats that can be downloaded from the website. Can be uploaded to Google Drive for translation. Here’s how to convert a document using Google Drive:

How to Translate Documents Using Google Drive

1. Sign in to your Google account and open Google Drive. After that, click the “New” button and upload the file you want to convert.

How to Translate Journals on Google Drive via PC/HP

2. Then select Upload File. The file must be a PDF.

3. After submitting the documents. Click the file folder and select Open With > Google Docs.

4. The document I am trying to translate is in English and I want to translate it into Indonesian. To do this, click Tools.

6. What language do you want the documentation to be translated into. Select the language of your choice. I chose Indonesian. You can also rename the document. Then select Translate.

How to Translate Article/Book Files Safely

8. You can also download the translated document file. Select Download and choose the format you want. You can choose docx, pdf, epub, etc.

Translating using Google Drive is very fast. Choose your language and translated documentation will appear in seconds. According to our findings, a 220-page PDF takes about 3 seconds to convert from English to Indonesian at a speed of 10 Mbps over the Internet.

So you can transfer documents using Google Drive. Transferring documents using Google Drive is very easy. The process is easy, the translations appear instantly, and all you need is an internet connection. With free Wi-Fi everywhere, you don’t have to spend a dime to transfer your tickets.

How to Translate Documents Using Google Drive

The default translation is often incomplete. PDF documents that you upload to Google Drive contain many sentences that are difficult to read after translation. In addition, it is difficult to emphasize the meaning, and there are many sentences that differ from the original meaning. For this reason, translation software should always be seen as a tool. Translators are aware of this, but most users are not.

Why Do You Prefer Using Google Docs Over Microsoft Word?

If you often read things in other languages ​​like English, you can slowly learn English grammar and eventually find the meaning of sentences that don’t translate well into English. Google Drive.

Founder and CEO I. I prefer watching movies to writing and only writing when I want to. I am pleased! When you are asked to do some kind of homework at college or school, especially related to a scientific project like clipping or research, you may need to gather a lot of complete information to complete the task..Accurate information.

However, the information available in Indonesia is very limited, so it is also necessary to add information from English-language sources, such as downloading documents from document sharing sites such as Slideshare.

In fact, you can even translate the contents of each document by copying and pasting the contents of each document using the Google Translate service.

Send Files Via Google Drive Android Practical, Follow the Steps!

The question is, what if the document contains hundreds of entries? Of course, you cannot copy and paste the contents of each document for conversion. Because it takes time.

Luckily, you can use Google Docs and Google Drive features to instantly upload all your document content in just 3 steps.

Using this method saves a lot of time because the entire document is translated.

How to Translate Documents Using Google Drive

In fact, with this tool provided by Google, you can not only translate the contents of your document from English to Indonesian, but also from foreign languages ​​other than English.

How To Make Google Drive Links Quickly And Easily

You can also use this method to convert different types of documents like PDF, .docx, etc.

We are here to make good use of Google services, so to use these services, you must first have a Google account. If you don’t have one, create one here.

1. Right-click the document you want to convert, select Open With and select Google Docs.

3. Then you will see a popup list like below. This list creates a copy of the document, so that the original remains unchanged.

How to Translate Pdf in English to Indonesian Cellphone

If you entered a title for your document and selected the Translate button, select Indonesian in the Translate to Language section.

When you start translating a document, you will be automatically taken to a copy of your document. The translation result may be wrong, so it is necessary to check it. Many references are included, including information that uses more English. If your English is not very good, you will definitely need a translator. Also, the documentation is in English

The most popular translation tool is Google Translate. In the past, translating a language with Google Translate might not be a problem for a few sentences or a piece of text. What if there is only one book? You can’t copy and paste everything into Google Translate to get a translation.

How to Translate Documents Using Google Drive

Now it seems that Google has this tool too, and this time Indonesia is free to tell us about document translators via Google Drive. Use your Gmail account. Google Drive not only stores files, but also lets you edit documents. One of them translates.

Here’s How to Translate in the Latest Google Docs It’s Really Easy!

What do you want to convert. If you want to combine data with other data or you want to merge directly, you can create a new file

This is what the translated document looks like. Then save the file or click File then Download. Select the type of settings you want to move

Document converted. You don’t need to copy every book entry to Google Translate. The grammar of this translation tool is not very good, but it still helps in translation. The next step is to correct anything that doesn’t match the translation.

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