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How to Transfer Telkomsel Credit to XL Easily

Transfers to other operators are very easy, even via SMS. What if the operator is different? This article will help you on how to transfer Telkomsel credit to the latest XL, it’s a little more complicated than other operators, but it’s guaranteed to work.

Telkomsel users usually top up their credit to extend the active period, so that the nominal pulse continues to grow. Users usually want to transfer the credit to another sim card, so they often have to deal with credit transfers, especially dual sim users.

1. How to Transfer Telkomsel Credit to XL Through the Bagipulsa Application

Other operators usually use MyTelkomsel. Meanwhile, other operators can use the Bagipulsa application. You need to know in advance that this method does not directly transfer credit, but converts Telkomsel credit into money, then the money is used to buy XL credit.

About Bagipulsa

Before knowing how, first identify this Bagipulsa application. If it doesn’t match, you can try checking the application in the second method.

Bagipulsa is a yellow application from CV Bagi Pulsa Nusantara. There are many bank accounts, for example BRI, BCA, Mandiri, and others. It can also be Dana, Gopay, OVO, or ShoppePay.

You can use this application for 24 hours. Is this app free of charge? Not. So, the nominal you get is approximately 70% and the rate or discount is approximately 30%.

This pulse converting application can be used for Indosat, Tri, Axis, XL, and Telkomsel. If it fits, please install the application on the Play Store.

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How to Convert Telkomsel Credit

The essence of this method is the same, namely Telkomsel credit is reduced, you can buy XL credit from the converted money. This method requires three applications, Bagipulsa, M-Banking or E-money Applications, and Whatsapp. Check out the following steps:

  1. Open the Bagipulsa application, click Telkomsel.
  2. Enter a bank account, select a bank, enter the name, and account number or mobile phone connected to the e-money, click “Add bank account”.
  3. Open the Telkomsel option again.
  4. Fill in the Telkomsel number, fill in the nominal pulse that you will convert.
  5. Select a bank account or e-money account, click Redeem Now.
  6. Copy the number that appears to transfer credit. Do not close the application just yet.
  7. Open your phone’s default phone application.
  8. Type in the format *858*destination number previously copied*nominal credit. Example *858*089374347xxx*50000#, call with Telkomsel sim.
  9. Type in number 1, send.
  10. There is a message notification that you have successfully transferred credit. Screenshot of the message.
  11. Return to the Bagipulsa application, click “Send proof of transfer”.
  12. You are directed to the Whatsapp application, send proof of transfer and message without changing the text that is automatically filled.
  13. Wait for the money to enter in a matter of minutes to your bank account or e-money.
  14. You can use the money again to buy XL credit, for example using DANA, Shopee, or Gojek.

What is the Stage After Converting Credit?

After converting Telkomsel credit into money. You can buy credit through e-commerce such as Shopee, Gojek, or Dana. The following is an example of buying XL credit at Dana:

  • Open the Funds Application.
  • Click See All, select Credit and Data.
  • Enter the XL number, select the credit nominal, and click pay.
  • If successful, then you will get a notification message.

2. How to Transfer Credit from Telkomsel to XL: Via the byPulsa Application – Convert Credit

The second method is almost the same, so convert or convert your Telkomsel credit into money. Later, the money goes into a bank account or e-money, you can use it to buy XL credit. In addition, the size of the application is the same as Bagipulsa, which is 8.8 mb.

About ByPulsa


This light blue and white application is an application made by PT. INDONESIA DIGITAL BYPULSE. Its use can not be full 24 hours. Only valid from 8 am to 10 pm.

This application can be changed from Telkomsel, XL, Axis, Indosat and Tri. You can download through the Play store. The nominal credit you get is around 70%.

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How to Convert Telkomsel Credit to Transfer Credit to XL

The method is almost the same as the previous Bagipulsa application. You also need another application, namely m-banking, for example BCA, BNI, BRI, Mandiri, or others. It can also be E-money, such as Sakuku, OVO, Dana, Gopay, or ShoppePay, see the following steps.

  1. Open the ByPulsa application. On the home menu, click Telkomsel.
  2. Enter a bank account, select a bank, type in the account number or mobile phone that is connected to e-money, and enter a name, click save.
  3. Fill in the credit nominal, Telkomsel number, and select an account, if everything is filled in correctly, click “Exchange Credit”.
  4. Choose to change through the application, so that the process is not too complicated.
  5. Copy the number that appears to transfer credit, click transfer now.
  6. You are immediately directed to the phone application. Telephone with the format *858*destination number previously copied*nominal credit. Example *858*08225274347xxx*35000#.
  7. Type 1, then submit. There is a fee of Rp. 1850. Before sending, make sure you have 2 thousand rupiah left in your credit.
  8. It works if there is a notification message, Screenshot of the message.
  9. Upload proof of transfer, wait about 5 to 10 minutes, if successful, a black check mark appears in a green circle.
  10. Check the balance amount, whether it has increased. You can use this money again to buy XL credit.

Problems and Questions Regarding How to Transfer Credit from Telkomsel to XL Through the Application

Telkomsel and XL are included in popular sim cards. There are several conditions that can affect the transfer process. The following are questions or problems that may arise when applying the method of converting and transferring credit through the application.

1. The application includes a bank account number, is it safe?

According to user reviews, this pulse converting application is safe to use, and it is proven that the balance comes in fairly quickly. However, in terms of rating or user ratings on the Play Store, there is a higher value for the Bagipulsa application than the ByPulsa application.

2. What if it keeps failing?

Failure can occur due to missing mobile phone number digits, or incorrect transfer format. For example, missing a hash sign (#). Lack of one number or sign alone, can fail. Also, make sure that you have at least 2 thousand rupiah left before transferring credit (not including credit transfer fees).

3. Disadvantages and Advantages of the Application

The drawback of this method is that the steps are quite long and you have to download the application first. Moreover, if your cellphone memory is full, there is the potential for not being able to download applications. In addition, you need to download other applications if you don’t have one, such as m-banking or e-money applications. So, you need more internet quota.

4. Advantages of Using the Application

The application is proven to be able to convert credit into money which will later be used to buy credit from other operators. If you change your mind you don’t need to buy credit, the money will still be saved and you can use it to buy another time, or buy something else. The advantage of the Bagipulsa application also operates within 24 hours.

You can try the Telkomsel to XL credit transfer method which you think is the most profitable. Don’t be surprised, when the nominal transfer of your balance is cut off. There are additional tariffs for the same operator, let alone different operators. The higher the pulse convert, the higher the discount.


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