How to Transfer Indosat Ooredoo Credit Via SMS & USSD Dial – Credit is a unit used as a payment instrument for mobile devices.

This is especially true for prepaid service providers. Where we have to top up before we can use telephone, sms or internet services.

This is where the problem often occurs when we need it, the credit on our Indosat card is completely depleted. Moreover, if the situation does not allow us to immediately top up the credit, what is the solution?

The best way to overcome this is of course by transferring credit from another Indosat card. That way we can divide the credit into the simcard that was exhausted earlier.

Some also ask, can we transfer credit from other operators to our Indosat card? The answer is no, so far there is no credit transfer feature between operators.

So it can only be done by fellow Indosat providers. Before entering the main discussion, Indosat itself is one of the largest cellular providers in Indonesia.

They started their service in 1967 and have grown since then. In 2015, they decided to change their name to Indosat Ooredoo.

In terms of signal and network, Indosat has a very wide coverage covering almost all parts of Indonesia.

In addition, with the 4G network that is presented, they can provide the need for a fast internet connection.

Seeing the many advantages it has, it is not surprising that many loyal people become Indosat Ooredoo customers.

Apart from that, they also provide a wide selection of packages for the various needs of their customers. Be it on the phone or internet service, there are many options depending on our desires.

As additional information, here are some other advantages of this one provider:

  • Wide network coverage to remote areas.
  • 4G services have started to spread.
  • The network is quite stable.
  • Reliable internet speed.
  • The number of package options is an alternative.
  • The package price is quite affordable.
  • Many bonuses can be obtained by customers.

Requirements for Transferring Indosat Ooredoo Im3 Credits

Now we return to our main discussion about sending credit on Indosat sim cards. The method that can be used is almost the same as other providers there via SMS and also dial USSD.

It’s just that the format used will be different. But before you can make a transfer, there are some terms and conditions as follows:

  • Can only be done for other Indosat providers.
  • The sim card must be active.
  • The sender’s and recipient’s cards must have been used for 181 days.
  • Service fee per transfer is Rp. 600imposed on the sender.
  • Saldo minimum what remains after the transfer is Rp. 5000
  • One card can transfer maximum Rp. 200.000 per day.
  • The recipient’s active period will increase according to the number of credits received.

How to Transfer Indosat Credit

Indosat credit transfer

After fulfilling the requirements above, you can only do credit transfers. For Indosat Ooredoo credit transfer methods, you can see below:

1. Transfer Indosat Credit Via SMS

For the method of using SMS, the format is TRANSFERPULSE (space) Without Destination (space) Nominal Credit sent to 151. Then wait for a reply SMS containing a special token.

Follow the guide to reply to your SMS with OK format (space) of your Token, then send it to 151.

After that, just wait for another reply that marks the credit transfer process that has been successfully completed, very easy?

2. Transfer Indosat Credit Via USSD Dial

Then there is another way that can be used, namely through the USSD dial. For the number, type * 123 * 151 # then press call.

Then the transfer menu will appear, enter the destination number and the nominal credit you want to send. Without a long wait, the request will be processed and the transfer will be successful.

As mentioned above, that transferee will also get an additional active period. For details on how many days the addition depends on the quantity received, as follows:

  • 5,000: 0 days
  • 10,000: 3 days
  • 20,000: 7 days
  • 25,000: 15 days
  • 50,000: 15 days
  • 100,000: 22 days
  • 150,000: 30 days
  • 200,000: 45 days


Thus our article on How to Transfer Indosat Ooredoo Credit Via SMS & USSD Dial, hopefully it can be useful and help you in transferring Indosat Ooredoo credit.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.

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