How to Transfer BNI Mobile Banking Account to Another Cellphone

BNI is one type of bank that is very popular in Indonesia. Lots of customers who save their money in this bank.

To manage and manage money in your account, BNI created an application called BNI Mobile Banking.

If you want to login to your BNI Mobile Banking account on a new device, then you have to know how. Check out how to log in to a BNI Mobile Banking account on the following new device.

How to Create a BNI Mobile Banking Account

To be able to create a BNI Mobile Banking account, you must first go to the BNI bank office. You will be guided to create a new account.

Once you have a new account, you will have a User ID and MPin. If you want to change devices, you only need the user ID and MPin that’s all.

Can I Change Device in my BNI Mobile Banking Account?

If you already have a BNI Mobile Banking account before and want to change your registered device, then this can be done.

In fact, you don’t need to come to the BNI office to be able to reactivate your BNI Mobile Banking account on a new device. This BNI Mobile Banking account replacement device is also free of charge.

How to Login to BNI Mobile Banking Account on New Device

If you have recently changed to a new device or mobile phone, then you must re-login to your BNI Mobile Banking account on that mobile phone.

How to log in on a new device is actually very easy. Here’s the complete way:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the BNI Mobile Banking application on your new cellphone.
  2. Open the BNI Mobile Banking application.
  3. Click the Activation menu.
  4. Enter the User ID that you used to use on your old cellphone along with the BNI debit card number.
  5. Select a country location and click the send OTP button.
  6. Enter the OTP code that was sent.
  7. Enter the new BNI Mobile Banking PIN with 6 digit numbers and confirm MPIN.
  8. Enter the transaction password and click save.

After you have done the steps above, please login with the old User ID and PIN that you just created earlier.

Error Cannot Switch BNI Mobile Banking Account Device

Although the steps above are very clear and easy to follow, many users experience errors when switching accounts on a new device.

One of the errors that often occurs is ‘Mbank50 transaction could not be processed’. If you encounter errors like this, then you must reset your account.

How to Overcome Mbank Error 50 Transaction Cannot Be Processed

Reset an account at BNI Mobile Banking is quite easy, but you have to come to the nearest BNI office to do it.

Don’t forget to bring the required requirements such as a BNI ATM card, BNI savings book and ID card according to your identity.

Later, you will be guided to create a new User ID and activate it at the BNI bank office, so don’t forget to bring along a new device that will be installed by BNI Mobile Banking. This error fix is ​​completely free so you can come right away.

Well, that’s the explanation of how to log in to the BNI Mobile Banking application with a new device. The above method works for all types of cellphones, so you can try it.

But if when you try it and experience an error, immediately contact the BNI Call Center or come directly to the BNI bank office. Good luck.

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