How to Top Up Seeds via Virtual Account Easily

How to Top Up Seeds Through a Virtual AccountAllType.comInvestment is indeed one way to maintain the value of money owned from inflation. Currently digital technology is growing, one of which is the Seed application. This application is an application that is used to invest that is suitable for all people. This time, we will explain about the advantages and how to top up Seeds via a complete virtual account with ease. What are the top up steps? Better to immediately see the following reviews.

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Advantages of Top Up Seeds Through Virtual Account

Please note beforehand, that the Bibit application opens a variety of different mutual fund payment methods. Starting from payments via digital money, bank transfers, or virtual accounts. Users can freely choose what method they want to make mutual fund payments.

The advantage of top up through their own virtual account is that users do not need to upload proof of transfer. Unlike the transfer payment method, which usually requires uploading proof of transfer. Users only need to input the virtual account pay code.

The second advantage is the auto split of robo purchases. The point is, users don’t need to make 3 payments if they buy 3 different types of mutual funds. Users only need to pay it once and it will automatically pay off all three mutual funds.

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How to Top Up Seeds Through a Virtual Account

After knowing the advantages. Now is how to top up Seeds via a complete virtual account with ease. Immediately see the following review.

1. Choosing Mutual Funds

First, of course, an investor must choose the type of mutual fund first. At Bibit, there are 3 types of mutual funds recommended by robo Bibit. These mutual funds are money market, bonds and stocks, where all three have their respective advantages and disadvantages and different levels of profit.

Users can choose their own mutual funds or as recommended by robo Bibit. The percentage of the purchase can also be set, but usually Seeds have chosen it directly. So that users who are beginners will not be confused to determine it. Users simply click the ‘invest now’ button.

2. Enter the Purchase Amount

Second, if you have chosen the type of mutual fund you want to buy, the user must enter the purchase amount. For the purchase of 3 mutual funds at once, the minimum purchase is 100 thousand rupiah. Where, this value will later be distributed to three mutual funds that have been selected based on the percentage.

Here, if the user has a cashback balance, it can be used to purchase mutual funds. Cashback can be obtained from previous mutual fund sales, or from other users who use the user’s referral code. Users simply click ‘buy’, they will be directed to the payment method selection menu page.

Don’t forget to check the small empty box with the terms and conditions written on it. After that, the user clicks ‘pay now’

3. Choose the Virtual Account to Use

After that, the user will be shown the desired payment method. Just choose ‘virtual account’. Then, click ‘pay’, and select the bank used to make mutual fund payments.

4. Make Payments

Finally, the purchase details will be shown which contains the name of the bank owner, bank name and virtual account number. In addition, there is also a nominal purchase to be paid under it. After that, the user just needs to make a transfer to the virtual account that was displayed earlier. Done.

That’s the advantage and how to top up Seeds via a complete virtual account with ease. Now, users can top up Seeds with various payment methods, one of which is through a virtual account.

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