How to top up OVO grab at Alfamart easily HERE.

How to top up OVO grab at Alfamart easily – By becoming part of Grab, drivers also require drivers to have the credit wallet balance they need. To know how to top up OVO grab at Alfamart note the following discussion.

Non-cash transactions have become a new habit with the proliferation of digital wallets, one of which is OVO. In addition to offering the convenience of electronic payments, the way to top up OVO or top up balances is very easy.

Having an online job as a grab itself is a blessing to be grateful for if you are in this position right now. Discussion how to top up OVO grab at Alfamart what needs to be done for more details continue reading.

Can I top up OVO through Alfamart?

Cara Top up OVO grab

Like paying EWallet and Markerplace bills in general, being able to top up OVO grab top ups at Alfamart. How to top up at Alfamart can be done by visiting the nearest store and then telling the Alfamart cashier that you want to top up OVO grab.

Next, the Alfamart cashier will need an OVO account number, after the successful execution of the process, pay the Ovean balance to the cashier. Make sure to complete all the steps above so that the OVO Grab top up process through Alfamart runs smoothly.

An easy and convenient way to top up at Alfamart before going to top up OVO Grab, make sure to bring an installed cellphone. The latest version of the OVO app. Also make sure to bring cash + admin fee for bill payment.

These are easy ways to top up Ovo Grab at Alfamart

Users can choose how to top up OVO (how to top up OVO grab) with various methods, ranging from ATM, mobile banking, internet banking, Indomaret, Tokopedia to Grab driver-partners.

The many ways to top up make it easy for users, so that cashless transactions with OVO can be carried out without obstacles. Target is one of the sweetest stories as an Ojol pilot.

Grab gojek and drivers from any location will want the same thing which is a lot of income to meet all their needs. Where this balance will be deducted and put into the business with a small percentage.

After the driver handed over to the consumer. Usually the balance will be deducted by 20% of the driver’s trip percentage. For those who work as drivers, topping up the balance is an important thing to do.

how to top up your balance using the OVO grab top up method at Alfamart. First, you can do it by following these steps:

Visit the nearest Alfamart outlet

First, go to the nearest Alfamart store. When you get there, ask the cashier if you can fill it or not. If the OVO grab top up service is available, you can continue to the next step or you can’t, you can try visiting other Alfamart merchants

Open the OVO application to find out how to top up OVO grab at Alfamart

Then the cashier will ask to make an invoice through the OVO application. Open the application on the cellphone, make sure the internet connection is smooth so that the top up process is not a problem. Also make sure the OVO application is updated to the latest version.

So that the OVO application does not run slow or slow. No error occurs, select top up balance via Alfamart After opening the application, select the OVO grab top up method via Alfamart in the application.

Communicate OVO Account HP Number

Then communicate to the Alfamart cashier the OVO account cellphone number listed on the cellphone screen and the nominal top-up balance if you remember the account cellphone number, there is no need to do steps 2 and 3 above.

Simply communicate your OVO account mobile number to the Alfamart cashier, the procedure for replenishing the balance will be directly processed in the account.

Wait for the OVO Grab Top Up Process

Then wait for the Alfamart cashier to complete the filling process. This process generally only takes less than five minutes. if the process is successful, you will get a notification that the OVO grab top up was successful.

Check the Addition of OVO Grab Top Up

Check the addition of incoming OVO grab top ups using the following methods: Check the history of adding balances. Make sure the nominal balance entered is in accordance with the nominal OVO top up at Alfamart.

Ask for the last bill payment receipt, the Alfamart cashier will provide proof of payment (receipt) for the bill. If the balance increases, the OVO grab top up can be used to pay bills in the OVO application.

Pay for Tokopedia orders or make purchases on the Grab or Alfamart applications. You will get several unique benefits, such as: The transaction process is very simple and convenient. Top up OVO grab in just minutes, guaranteed success.

Problems/errors rarely occur while charging. Alfamart outlets are available in all areas. OVO refills can be done in almost all Alfamart outlets with low administrative costs. In addition, you have the opportunity to get various attractive promos and discounts.

Disadvantages of the OVO Application

Cara Top up OVO grab

The payment function is still incomplete; there are still many payment functions that cannot be carried out, such as payment of BPJS or PBB fees, difficult upgrade processes; the upgrade process from OVO Club to OVO premiere.

Sometimes it is difficult for users, there are still limitations; the negative side is that there are limits, both for balance limits and merchant transfers, which are always limited; The downside is that there are still limited merchants making it difficult for us to pay in some places with Ovo.

Since this is a digital payment application for transactions, one of the drawbacks is that there is no interest, so we save a lot of money in this application.

What is the minimum OVO top up at Alfamart?

The minimum OVO top-up balance at Alfamart is IDR 50,000 and a maximum of IDR 500,000. Make sure to top up the balance with the minimum and maximum limits for the balance of the replenishment service that can always be done.

How much does the admin collect fees to Alfamart?

How much is the administration fee for OVO top up at Alfamart? The administration fee for top-up balance at Alfamart is IDR 500 per transaction. OVO balance can be reloaded multiple times with a note that the administration fee will always be added to the total cash payment (cash).

How long does it take to top up OVO balance at Alfamart?

Make sure to top up your balance during Alfamart’s online billing and payment service hours, from 08.00 to 21.00 at night. After 21:00, recharging and billing of the service cannot be done and it is necessary to wait for the service to come back online

What happens if the OVO top up content at Alfamart does not arrive? ask customer service for solutions to problems by contacting the contact line or OVO user service (with supporting evidence), by telephone at 1 500 696 or by email at [email protected].

that’s a complete discussion of how to top up OVO grab at Alfamart, by coming to the nearest Alfamart, then providing the account phone number at the cashier, then paying the OVO balance bill and administration fees at the Alfamart cashier. Good luck!

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