How to Top Up Funds at Alfamart Easily and Quickly

How to Top Up Funds at Alfamart – Funds as an e-wallet can be used if you top up or top up your balance with certain payment methods.

There are many ways that can be done, such as refilling funds at Alfamart by coming directly to the nearest Alfamart.

This method is very useful if you do not have a balance at the ATM but need the balance to make payments through funds.

The following is a tutorial on how to top up the balance of funds at Alfamart according to the free-to-pay blog:

How to top up credit at Alfamart

Install the DANA app

Previously, of course, you needed to have this request for funds by installing it on your cellphone.

Then register a DANA account according to the instructions given by entering certain data and your mobile number.

Come to the nearest Alfamart

Come to the nearest Alfamart to process the balance with the desired nominal.

You can directly provide the mobile number used to register your old DANA account.

Log in to the DANA app

Or by logging into the application and selecting the “reload balance” menu, a new menu with a different payment method will appear.

Top up the balance at Alfamart by selecting “Alfamart”, a menu for the method and amount of refill will appear.

Upload Successful

The loading will be successful if the loading process is carried out by the Alfamart cashier and the balance will be entered automatically.

There is no charge for replenishing the balance of funds at Alfamart or it can be said that it is free.

So if you get charged 50 thousand, pay 50 thousand without any other additions.

If you don’t want to bother coming to Alfamart, now there is an easier way.

It uses a free-to-pay application, for more details, see the page how to top up credit at free-to-pay.

Also get various promotional funds using the free-to-pay application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is the admin fee for refilling at Alfamart?
    The first 10 refills are free, then the fee is Rp. 4500 per After filling the balance request for funds at Alfamart.
  2. What is the minimum and maximum refill of Alfamart?
    Fund balance at Alfamart is IDR 50,000 and the maximum for top up request for funds is 500,000
  3. Can I withdraw funds at Alfamart?
    Of course you can, just select the “withdraw balance” function in the DANA application menu, the minimum withdrawal is IDR 54,500.

How to top up credit at Alfamart tix ID

Top up tix ID funds at Alfamart can be done in the same way when filling the fund balance.

But before that, the fund application must first be integrated with tix ID.

Previously you had to install these two applications on your cellphone

Create accounts in both applications, namely DANA and TIX ID, then open the tix ID application. This is so that you can connect the two applications so that the balance replenishment process can be carried out.
Select it by clicking on the dot icon menu located in the upper left corner of the tix ID application.
You will enter a new menu and connect the two accounts by clicking the “Activate” option along with the words “funds”.
Then he will enter the Dana application by providing the PIN code from the DANA application that was created earlier so that it is integrated.
The process is successfully completed if a notification appears in the form of an SMS indicating the success of the fund. Then you will log back into your tix ID account and be able to top up your balance.
Click the “Reload” menu to fill in the balance of funds in your tix ID application. Choose a payment method through an agent, namely Alfamart. In addition, the method is carried out in the same way as before by determining the desired nominal load.
A successful refill will be marked with an incoming SMS notification and you can check it directly on the tix ID application. If you have entered, the balance of these funds can be used to buy cinema tickets at any time.
If you ask how much it costs to refill funds at Alfamart for the tix ID application, the answer is the same as free.

You can also top up your fund balance very easily without having to leave the house just by using the FreePay application,

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