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How to stop chat pack 1000 3 (Tri) 2022

How to stop chat on 1000 3 package (Tri) it is very easy to do, the 3 (Tri) pack that has been released is very much to make users very satisfied.

Because the package on this prepaid card is quite cheap, moreover, the amount of quota to be received is quite large.

Compared to other prepaid cards, however, there are still some disappointing things about this prepaid card, namely the Tri (3) pack.

Which is automatically extended, some even have a slow speed of the Tri (3) package, they already have different types of internet packages.

Of course, it is quite diverse, which is updated frequently to suit the needs of its users.

This 3 (Tri) card has internet packages which are Weekly, Monthly, Daily and can also be accessed through certain apps etc.

For those who seek how to stop chat pack 1000 3 (Tri)you have come to the right article because we will explain it as follows.

1. How to stop chat package 1000 3 (Tri)

How to stop chat pack 1000 3 (Tri)
How to stop chat pack 1000 3 (Tri)

This free Chatting 1000 Tri (3) package has a validity period or an active period, which is only one day, but it depends on the package you buy.

If you don’t UNREG, it will be automatically extended every day, so the credit will be deducted automatically.

If you do not want your credit to be terminated, then you must immediately UNREG or stop subscribing to the package.

How to stop chat package 1000 3 (Tri) is as follows:

  • The first thing you need to do is open the SMS menu on your Smartphone.
  • When you are done, then continue by pressing Create new message.
  • And if you have, just write an SMS using the STOP format[Spasi]TALK.
  • Then just send it to 235.
  • If all the above steps have been completed, then wait a while until a notification is received in the form of an SMS saying “Your chat package has been successfully UNREG and is no longer subscribed to”.
  • Done, now you have stopped the conversation with the 1000 3 (Tri) package.

2. How to stop IDR 3000 2.5 GB tri pack

How to stop chat pack 1000 3 (Tri)
How to stop IDR 3000 Tri 2.5GB package

It is not just a way to stop 1000 3 (Tri) talk pack, but you can also stop subscribing to Tri 2.5 GB Rp 3000 pack, same as the previous method.

If you don’t want to be automatically subscribed then you need to stop or UNREG the package so that your 2.5GB package will stop automatically.

Not only that, if you want to do UNREG so that your loan is safe and not automatically terminated.

How to stop the Tri 2.5 GB Rp 3000 package is as follows:

  • The first thing you need to do is open the SMS menu/service on your mobile.
  • After that, write the SMS format: STOP(space)2P5CLM1
  • If you have, please send an SMS to the number 234
  • At this stage, if everything is completed, then you only need to wait until the UNREG 3 service process is completed successfully. Not only that, you will also receive an SMS notification explaining that your Tri pack has run out.

3. How to unsubscribe to Unlimited Pack 3

How to stop chat pack 1000 3 (Tri)
How to unsubscribe to Unlimited 3 Pack

Not only how to stop 1000 chat pack 3 (Tri), you can also stop subscription to unlimited pack 3, but if you want to stop subscription, you’d better try to follow the instructions below.

How to stop subscription to unlimited 3 pack is as follows:

  • The first thing you need to do is be able to open a messaging or SMS app.
  • After that you simply write the SMS format: STOP UNL.
  • So you can send the message directly to the number 234.
  • At this stage you will immediately receive an unsubscribe notification.

4. How to stop subscribing to Pack 3 4G without interruption

How to stop chat pack 1000 3 (Tri)
How to unsubscribe to Pack 3 without interruption 4G

In addition to how to stop 1000 talk pack 3 (Tri), you can also stop 4G non-stop 3 pack subscription for more details, see below.

How to stop subscribing to 3 packs without interruption 4G are as follows:

  • First you can use the SMS or messaging app.
  • If yes, please write SMS via STOP Internet type format.
  • After that send it to number 234.
  • At this stage, operator 3 will immediately send a notification message to stop subscribing to Internet package 3 without 4G interruption.

5. How to stop the 1000 3 (Tri) chat package by contacting the call center

How to stop chat pack 1000 3 (Tri)
How to stop 1000 talk pack 3 (Tri) by contacting call center

What if the way to stop 1000 3 (Tri) talk pack above still can’t be done, you need to contact Tri Call Center but make sure you have registered Tri card.

After that, confirm the number and details of the owner, then ask for help about banning the internet package you want to activate.

This is how you can stop the pack in Tri but make sure it’s in line with the sms format guidelines and set guys so that your 3 pack gets disabled instantly.

What is How to Stop Chat Package 1000 3 (Tri)?

However, so many people have bought this package, what else for Tri (3) prepaid card users, this is a Chatting package.

As the name suggests, Tri Chatting Pack can only be used to access chat apps including Line app, Whatsapp and other chat apps.

Moreover, this package has become a favorite among buyers because it is bundled with an unlimited internet package that can only access the Chat app.

As for the price of this chat package, usually 1000 to 5000, it certainly has a good duration.

That’s why this package is perfect for those of you who chat with someone every day, so it won’t eat up your main internet quota or regular quota.

Although the price is quite cheap and also unlimited, there are many users who choose to UNREG or Stop from this Chat Tri (3) package.

Because this chat package is quite slow or slow when accessing the internet, that’s why many choose to STOP.

Such things are very reasonable to do, considering that this chat package is dedicated only to access the Chat application.

However, if you still want to UNREG the chat pack 3 (Tri), then how to stop chat with 1000 pack 3 (Tri).

The last word

This is the whole content of our article this time how to stop chat pack 1000 3 (Tri) which we have forwarded to you to use.

If you want to unsubscribe from this chat pack, then you can follow the steps we have shared above.

We hope that with this information you can stop the chat pack 1000 3 (Tri), which is very easy to do and does not require internet access.

If you find the information useful, just share the article link on your social media like Facebook, Instagram etc.


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