How to solve Error code 009 service tool

Service Tool is an application tool that functions to reset printers which are generally used on Canon brand printers after replacing parts such as Ink Absorber, Print Head, and others.

This Service Tool application is a portable application that does not require an installation process to use it. However, in using this application there are several error codes that appear, one of which is error code 009.

If you are currently experiencing this error, then this article can help you resolve it.

Here’s how to solve Error code 009 service tool:

The cause of error code 009 is because the printer is not in Service Mode, or Service Tool

Therefore you need to do the step by step below:

1. Turn off your printer first

2. Then enter back into Service Mode properly.

3. If you are already in Service Mode, error code 009 should no longer exist.

If the error still appears, continue the following solutions:

1. Turn off and on again your printer

2. Then press and hold the button Resume for about 10-15 seconds, when you hear the sound of the print head starting to move, release the button Resume

3. After the cartridge reads normally, turn off the printer and repeat the procedure to enter Service Mode, then continue the reset process.

Notes :

However, if the error code 009 still occurs, it means that the Service Tool application you are using does not support your printer type, so try using the latest service tools.

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