How to solve Asus a2 error (No display)

Error A2 is a problem with the Asus motherboard that is having trouble reading or detecting all connected hard drives. For how to solve this problem, there are several repair options that you can do, where all the steps and repair options will be discussed in this article.

The following is how to solve the Asus a2 error (No display):

1. Check All SATA cables

The first solution is to make sure all disks, whether it’s a connected hard drive or SSD, are properly installed. Because usually this is connected by a SATA cable, so make sure to also focus on checking the SATA hard drive / SSD cable.

2. Change Sequence Settings In BIOS

If this A2 error appears when you are about to install the OS (windows). The best way to solve this is to change the boot priority setting in the BIOS, sort your installation media both Flashdisk / DVD and other media in the first order and then the hard drive / SSD in the order of 2.

For example :

  • Enter BIOS
  • In the BIOS menu change the Boot Priority to:
  • USB/ DVD
  • Hard disk/ SSD

3. Update BIOS

Before updating your BIOS version, my advice is to make sure you have set the BIOS settings to default settings. And if the error still appears after doing the BIOS default settings.

Then you try to update the BIOS firmware version to the latest version. For the Asus BIOS firmware version, you can download it directly to Asus Download Center.

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