How to Shop at Shopee for Free Shipping and Fast Arrival

Shopee is now one of the most popular online stores in Indonesia, because the various promos that Shopee offers are an attraction for potential buyers. starting from free shipping promos, shopee coin cashback, discounts to low product prices.

For beginners, ordering goods at shopee is actually very easy. but there is a special way to get good stuff, discounted shipping costs using free shipping vouchers and what is no less important is that orders arrive quickly.

Steps to Shop at Shopee

Here’s how to shop at shopee for beginners based on my experience.

  1. Find the product you want to buy on shopeeThe first step shopping at shopee
  2. Click Strainthen select your provinceso that the products displayed are closer to your current location. So that orders arrive fasterShopee search location filter
  3. Filter rating of at least 4 stars, so that only appear in search results good quality productShopee product rating filter
  4. Promotion program filter free shipping and refund let’s get free coinsFilter products with free shipping on shopee
  5. When you need a filter category and deliveryso that the products displayed are more specific and delivery services as desiredshopee product category filtershopee delivery service filter
  6. Filter price ranges to match the funds you have (if needed)Filter the price of the item you want to buy at shopee
  7. Next click the button apply/apply search filter that has been set earlierStep 8 shopping at shopee
  8. Click the item you want to buy
  9. Check availability stock, variant and color. don’t buy it right away!, there are still some tips, so you won’t be disappointedCheck the availability of goods before shopping at shopee
  10. Scroll down and see all product evaluation from other buyers.
    View comments, photos and videos (if any)Before shopping, see product reviews from other buyers
  11. If everything is as you wish and a good rating with 5 star average
  12. Click the enter button to cart and don’t forget choose color and size as you wishAdd to shopee shopping cartIf you want to chat with the seller, click the chat icon.
  13. Next click the button basket in the upper right corner, Then tick the item you want to buy
  14. Don’t forget to use free shipping vouchers and refundthen click okThe process of buying goods at shopeeVoucher does not exist or has run out? Please see the article 8 ways to get a free shipping voucher
  15. Exchange shopee coins (if any) so that the product price is cheaper
  16. Then click the button Check
  17. Ensure full name, mobile number and address (Kelurahan, RT/RW, District and Zip code).
    don’t forget to give a note to the seller (example: if size S is not available, replace M, don’t send random!)Shopping checkout process at shopeeIn this step free shippingPlease see the guide below for free shipping!
  18. Pay attention to part payment method ! In order to get free shipping, use the appropriate payment method S&C vouchershere I use ShopeePayshop at shopee to get free shipping
  19. If everything is correct, postage is already free (so Rp0 or at least partially cut off), please click the create order button.Payment process when shopping at shopee

Complete the payment, if you need to chat or contact the seller to immediately send your order, just sit back and wait for the order to come!

(Update) My Order Has Arrived

Finally my order from shopee has arrived, and the items I bought are according to my wishes. The quality is also good, because the ratings from other buyers are generally good.

The order from shopping at shopee has arrived

And most importantly, I save IDR 40,750 of this purchase. with details, discounted goods IDR 30,750 because it uses shopee coins. And discount vouchers for free shipping worth IDR 10 thousand.

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Actually shopee has a free shipping voucher with a discount of up to IDR 50 thousand even IDR 120 thousand. but when I ordered, the voucher I had only got a shipping discount of Rp. 10 thousand, but I’m still grateful.

That’s my experience shopping at shopee using a free shipping voucher to get cashback of thousands of free coins. Share this article with your friends, so they can shop at shopee more efficiently, get good stuff and order quickly to get home.

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