How to sell cooked side dishes to sell hard

How to sell cooked side dishes to sell hard Side dishes are one of the daily necessities that are needed by various groups. Therefore, opening a cooked side dish business can be a tempting choice. Selling cooked side dishes of course also requires the right strategy.

For those who are going to open it, they must know first what are the tips and strategies that can be done. if all aspects are met, then the profit component will continue to increase significantly over time. To find out, here are the complete tips:

1. Change Menu Periodically

Tips for selling cooked side dishes to sell well

The first tip that can be done is to change the menu selling cooked side dishes periodically. This step can certainly be used as a solution so that customers can find new menus and don’t get bored easily. The best time to change is once a week.

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Or if you want more variety, you can change every day. With this menu change, customers will be happy because the menu is constantly changing and not always the same. So, customers will not easily get bored with the same menu.

2. Adapt to Customer’s Interest

The next step that can be taken is to follow customer interests. Indirectly, this step includes research that can make it easier to determine the menu to be sold. The method itself can be by asking questions about what side dishes you want.

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If you have done research by asking a few questions, you will find the menu that is most in demand. Then prepare the menu as one that is sold so that customers will feel happy because their wishes are provided.

Although relatively trivial, this aspect or tip has proven to be effective in attracting customers. If the side dish that most customers want is available, then customers will continue to come to buy and try the menu. Also read: Tips for a successful culinary business to make it sell better

3. Provide a certain side dish package

The next tip for selling cooked side dishes is to provide certain side dishes packages. For example, for the breakfast menu, lunch, or special hours of the evening, provide different choice components. By providing this kind of package, customers will be interested in buying according to their needs.

Or you can also differentiate the menu into iftar and sahur menus when selling during the fasting month. Don’t forget to differentiate each side dish. Thus, customers will be satisfied because they will get different types of menus.

4. Provide Bulk Ordering Service

If you want to spread your wings in selling side dishes, then provide ordering services in large quantities. This kind of service will be suitable for parties who will have a certain event. Buying side dishes that are cooked for certain events is definitely more efficient.

Therefore, this service is worth a try so that the business can continue to run. But so that customer interest is not reduced, be sure to maintain the taste provided. Then, apply different prices for purchases that are classified as large.

5. Intense Promotion

Currently to do promotions can be fairly easy. The reason is that we are in the era of the internet which can help and make it easier for all of us to do many things, including by doing promotions for the business that is being run.

Besides being easy, promotional media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others can be done for free or for free. It doesn’t matter how the users of the media themselves how to maximize it for positive and profitable things.

So please do a good and unique promotion so that your business selling cooked side dishes is more easily recognized and attracts many customers on social media earlier.

6. Strategic Location

The idea of ​​selling cooked side dishes is important to be based on knowledge of strategic locations to open a business selling cooked side dishes. Because considering the cooked side dish is a type of food that goes stale quickly. So we need a special strategy so that sales sell quickly and sell well. Here are some tips for determining a strategic location:

  • Strategic locations are usually traversed by many people. As much as possible the place for a side dish business that you will open on a busy street and is often passed by people with their various activities.
  • Strategic locations can also be near densely populated settlements, such as housing, apartments, boarding houses, factories, and the like.
  • The strategic location can also be marked by the presence of space for parking. This makes it easier for buyers to stop at your shop.
  • The next strategic location is in a clean and comfortable place. Keep in mind that you are going to open a business selling cooked side dishes, so cleanliness and comfort are number one.

7. Keep Clean

The last tip that must be considered is the issue of cleanliness. Make sure to always maintain cleanliness when running this kind of food business. This element of cleanliness must of course be provided in various aspects of the business. Starting from the kitchen, the place of sale, to the packaging.

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This of course needs to be considered so that customers feel safe buying the food and side dishes offered. Don’t let hygiene issues go unnoticed and end up making customers go elsewhere. Therefore, make sure this aspect is well maintained.

Thus a complete explanation of tips for selling cooked side dishes that are right on target. If all these tips are done, then the process of selling cooked side dishes will be better and profits can continue to grow over time.

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