How to save Instagram Reels audio to phone on Android or iOS

How to save Instagram Reels audio to phone gallery on Android or iOS iPhone. Since its appearance, the Reels feature has become one of the favorite features of Instagram application users.

How could that be? Only by taking advantage of this feature, we can make various interesting short videos. We can also add various effects to the video.

Instagram Reels Vs Instagram Story – One of the advantages of the Instagram Reels feature compared to making videos on Instagram Stories is that videos will not be deleted automatically within 24 hours.

The videos will always be there, as long as we don’t delete the Reels videos.

In addition, our Reels videos can be viewed by Instagram app users without having to follow our Instagram account.

Using Instagram Audio Reels – Talking about Instagram Reels feature, it has not only interesting videos but also audio from Reels videos.

To save audio files from Reels Instagram videos is actually very easy, because the Instagram application already provides an audio file storage feature.

However, the audio files will be saved in the Instagram app and you can only use the audio files to create Reels videos in the Instagram app.

But you know, we can actually save the audio files of Reels Instagram videos to the gallery of Android devices.

The method is quite easy, Nambanation will provide it for you, we just need to take advantage of the InstaVideoSave site.

You use Reels Instagram audio files for videos that you create in a video editing app.

How to Download Audio Reels Instagram – Open the Instagram application on your device, then press the Reels menu.

Find and select one of the Reel videos whose audio you want to save.

Press the three-dot menu on the Instagram Reels video then press Copy link.

Now open one of the available browser applications on your Android phone then open the site.

To download audio in Reels Instagram videos, press the Audio menu.

And, then paste the Reels Instagram video link in the column provided. Tap Downloads.

Then the InstaVideoSave site will show a preview of the Instagram Reels audio.

Tap on Download Audio button, to save Reels Instagram audio file to your device gallery.

Done, Reels Instagram audio has been successfully downloaded.

Perform easy steps as above, to download audio files from Reels Instagram videos that you like.

By utilizing the InstaVideoSave site, we can now easily download audio from Reels Instagram videos.

It only takes a few minutes, now you can get the audio file of the Reels Instagram video that you like.

In addition, by using a video editing application, you can use Reels Instagram audio files into your video creations.

That’s the easy way to save Reels audio to phone gallery on Android or iOS iPhone, any questions? Leave a comment.

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