How to Return Siphoned Credit on the Latest Indosat Providers 2020 – Have you ever experienced a pulse that suddenly disappeared? Surely that would be something very annoying right? So how to get the credit sucked back?

The stolen credit can indeed be caused by various reasons, for example because the quota runs out or because you stop subscribing to internet packages, forcing you to use internet data to collect your credit.

It is often experienced by you Indosat card customers, especially those of you who subscribe to the Yellow Indosat package.

Is Yellow one of the cheapest Indosat Ooredoo internet packages with a quota of 1 GB per day to be used for 24 hours.

But unfortunately these packages often make users suddenly experience a sucked pulse. However, it is possible that Indosat’s pulses that were suddenly sucked could be caused by other things.

For Indosat customers who have experienced this frustrating event, you don’t need to worry, because here we will try to provide some tips and tricks.

Why Indosat Credits Can Be Sucked

Before discussing further how to return the sucked Indosat credit, you must first know what causes Indosat’s credit to be sucked up suddenly.

Here are some possible reasons why Indosat’s credit can be sucked:

  • Make sure remaining internet quota You are still available when used for browsing or for other internet activities. It could be that the pulse was sucked because it was used as internet data.
  • Try to remember if you have registered on certain services, whether intentionally or not. So, make sure you have done all the services that might be joined or registered by mistake.

Actually there are various reasons why your credit can be sucked, even this kind of problem is not only experienced by Indosat users but also other providers.

However, if you really don’t know why your Indosat credit can be sucked, then you can use the Indosat suction refund method which will be discussed below.

How to Return a Sipped Yellow Package

For Indosat users who are having problems being sucked into the Yellow package, you don’t have to worry.

Because there are several ways you can try to solve the problem or return the credit because the Yellow package was sucked up.

As for the following we will provide several ways that you can try:

1. Via Email ke [email protected]

To file a complaint about your stolen Indosat Ooredoo credit, you can also use the complaint service via email at
[email protected].

Previously the complaint service was available on my IM3 application, only now it has been removed and replaced by Indosat customer service via email.

Unfortunately Indosat Ooredoo’s email address is protected, so you can check your email address through the official Indosat Ooredoo page.

You can send complaints and tell about the events you experienced via email.

If necessary, you can also attach proof of SMS from Indosat related to credit reduction and which shows that you have signed up for an internet package before the credit was reduced.

If you have included proof then you just have to wait for a reply from Indosat customer service within 1 x 24 hours.

Usually if the incident is their fault then your credit will be returned immediately.

2. Via UMB Call Service

If you want to return the credit taken by Indosat’s yellow internet package, the first way you can try is to dial a certain UMB dialing code.

This UMB dialing code can be used to send a complaint that you are experiencing. The trick is to call the code * 185 * 1 * 2 * 4 #.

A pop-up notification will appear later, please fill in your complaint via a pop-up with the format: package name # number of credits deducted # date the event continues to be sent.

  • For example: yellow # 15000 # 12 hours then click Send.

If you have sent the message format, then all you have to do is wait for an SMS reply confirmation from Indosat Ooredoo customer service.

If your credit is sucked according to Indosat’s calculation due to an error from Indosat, then they will return your credit according to the calculation in the Indosat System.

Usually the response from Indonesian customer service takes time 1 x 24 jamunder certain conditions can be more than that.

3. Via Indosat’s Official Twitter

Indosat Indosat's official twitter

To file complaints and complaints related to the pulses sucked by Indosat, it can also be done through the official Indosat Twitter account at

Even Indosat’s Twitter customer service is more responsive and more responsive. Through this Twitter account, you can tell the event that you have experienced until the time your credit is used up.

Indosat’s customer service will immediately process your report and find out whether the credit you sucked in was your fault or from Indosat.

If Indosat thinks it’s their fault, the credit will be automatically returned to your Indosat number.

How to prevent Indosat credit from being siphoned off

The inconvenience of Indosat pulses will certainly be an annoying moment for everyone.

Especially if we just add credit, but it suddenly runs out even though we don’t use it for anything.

Previously, we mentioned a number of reasons or reasons why Indosat credit could be lost or spread suddenly.

If you see from some of the causes above there are a number of things you can do to prevent the pulse being sucked in repeatedly, the method is as follows:

  • Make sure you check remaining internet quota regularly, especially for your daily internet package. We recommend that if the quota is approaching the active period which is almost out, then do the extension automatically. You can use the app MyIM3 to more easily monitor the remaining credit and remaining internet quota.
  • Turn off data plan first and then change to a network 2G before deactivating and re-registering the package. This is to prevent the pulse from being sucked suddenly.
  • You must unregister all premium services that have been registered, whether intentional or not.


Thus our article on How to Restore Siphoned Credit on Indosat Providers, hopefully it can be useful and help you in returning your siphoned Indosat credits.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.

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